Nov 14, 2017

Do you want to find out why, despite working out regularly, exercise isn’t helping you achieve your body goals? This article will act as a guide towards a healthier lifestyle. Read this to find out the secret behind long-term weight loss and start working on it today.

Eating Smart

We all tend to overlook the fundamental golden rule — weight loss is generally 75% diet and only 25% of exercise. Thus, focusing on the fact that it’s always easy to eat smart in the first place, rather than going for the pain of burning our stored fats works wonders. The purpose of eating smart is simple: We must eat smart because it’s proven through research that we shed more calories if we maintain our diet as compared to when we exercise.

Why “working out” is not working out?

We are often found guilty of underestimating our calories’ intake. The appeal to eat now and exercise later is so huge that people don’t look at its side effects. Yes, working out does have its own benefits, but you can’t possibly expect an overweight person to become fit overnight with only exercise. Even when we look at it mathematically, if we burn the same number of calories that we take in—we stay on the same body mass.

Isn’t this easy to comprehend? Consuming a can of coke is a matter of minutes, but you will find yourself running for more than two miles just to burn them off. The bitter fact is that, you can never exercise with as much speed as the food and calorie count you consume, unless you're a professional athlete.

What goes wrong?

The seemingly foolproof idea of buying a gym membership tricks many people into eating unhealthy food without giving it a second thought. Eating those burgers and fries once in a while is okay, but if you find yourself ordering them on a regular basis, the results will be more serious than you assume. The addiction of junk food is so harmful that people never get around to the point where they can drop their dress sizes.

Nearly everyone works for a living and is caught spending more and more time sitting on comfortable chairs, rather than being active and on the run.  When asked, people always come up with the solution to this with the end-of-the-week gym and workout routine.

What actually happens is that this misconception lures many people towards doing the opposite. They end up with the trauma of putting on more weight because of the disproportion in their lifestyle. People need to at least understand that a well planned, healthy diet needs to work hand in hand with exercise to be able to see miraculous results.

Diet vs. Exercise—what to choose?

If you’re a person who never possibly takes on board the suggestion of becoming strong enough to regulate both your diet and exercise, you don’t have to worry.  If tempted to select any one of them, remember to always go for your diet. Why? Because whatever you do, workouts will never completely undo the harms of an unhealthy diet.

In a nutshell, eating food with fewer calories is a pretty safe way to prevent and discourage weight loss. So, don’t hesitate in adding those green leafy plants into your diet and whenever you can, start avoiding the frozen, processed meals which mount up excessive calories

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