Mar 15, 2017

With Donald Trump as president, there has been a huge overhaul in the administrative department and there have been a variety of different people being introduced. After the infamous removal of Michael Flynn who was functioning in the role of National Security Advisor, Robert Harward, a retired vice admiral from the U.S. Navy, was chosen to fill in his shoes. Michael Flynn misled Mike Pence, the US Vice President regarding his conversations with the Russia’s Ambassador.

In a surprising turn of events, Robert Harward chose to turn down the position, citing dysfunctionality in the administration as his reason for declining. On the other hand, there is speculation that the main cause for turning it down was caused by the Harward’s desire to bring in his own team. However, there is still speculation that Trump might be able to win over his chosen candidate and there have been hopes that a second meeting at the White House has been proposed to change Mr. Harward’s mind.

Enjoying Some Down Time

Robert Harward is also a senior executive at Lockheed Martin and has the same military background and war experience in the Middle East and Afghanistan as Flynn, having worked in the same Special Operations circles. He had long been considered for a position in the senior management of the White House, long before this opportunity arose. However, when offered the position, Mr. Harward firmly declined the offer.

According to Mr. Harward, his decision to turn down the position is one that is personal. In a statement to The Associated Press, he stated that: “It’s purely a personal issue. I’m in a unique position finally after being in the military for 40 years to enjoy some personal time.”  On the other hand, another source, one who is sited to have firsthand knowledge of the discussions conducted by both parties involved has commented, stating that, “Harward is conflicted between the call of duty and the obvious dysfunctionality.”

This has prompted a spark of tension, with Trump even lashing out against various other suggestions raised that his administration is chaotic. According to Trump he has everything “running like a fine-tuned machine.”

Mr. Harward’s Replacements

Now that Robert Harward is not filling in the position as the National Security Advisor, there has been much speculation regarding the other candidates chosen to fill it in. One of them is said to be General David Petraeus while the other one is Mr. Keith Kellogg.

  • Mr. Keith Kellogg is retired general (three star) having served in Vietnam and the Iraq war before opting to retire in 2003.  He worked as a security consultant with the well known software giant, Oracle.
  • David Petraeus also has a military background as a retired general (four star). He is also retired CIA director, having been forced to resign when he mishandled classified information in 2012. Currently, he is still on probation which means that he cannot move to Washington DC without notifying his parole office first.

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