Nov 16, 2017

Stop whatever you are doing and take a look at yourself.

Are you standing or sitting?

What is your facial expression?

How are your arms positioned?

If, your boss walked by you right now, what would he or she think about you according to your body language?

Each person has a different body language, which is how people judge them. Your body language tells a lot about you like what kind of person you are, whether you an introvert or an extrovert and how you handle problems. It is all about how confident you are!

Yes, a simple gesture tells people so much about you. Our body language includes facial expressions, gestures, eye movements and facial expressions. Most important of all, body language reveals your true intentions and feelings.

The  following are five tips that will help you master your body language and boost your confidence:

Tip #1

Stand Tall and Sit with a Casual Pose

Status, confidence and power are the three non-verbal things that are displayed in a person’s height and the space they take. Here is how you can do it:

  • Stand straight with your shoulders back (this makes you look like that you are sure of yourself)
  • If you are sitting, plant both your feet on the ground and place your arms away from your body
  • Place your arm at your chair’s back. This casual pose shouts power
  • Place both your hands, palms down on the table. This shows that the conference room is your territory

Tip #2

Widen Your Stance

Standing in such a way that there is no space between your feet makes you seem unsure and hesitant. Whereas, standing with your feet wide apart and your knees relaxed makes you look like knowledgeable and confident.

Tip #3

Avoid Your Pockets

When you keep your hands stuffed down in your pocket, people assume that either you are unsure, shy or nervous. This turns their attention more towards you, which can lead to you sweating profusely. By keeping your hands in the open, either idly by your side or on the table, shows that you are open and confident. This also helps in making people trust you more.

Tip #4

Smiling and Nodding Your Head in Affirmation

Scientists have discovered that when you nod your head in a yes in between a conversation, the other person is more likely to believe in whatever you are saying. Similarly, when you smile while maintaining eye contact, the person sitting in front of you sees you as a more relaxed but confident person. You can practice appearing confident by smiling in front of the mirror every morning before starting your day.

Tip #5

Firm Handshake

Nobody likes a ‘dead fish’ handshake. A firm handshake identifies your power level. Grip the person’s hand confidently and tightly to show that you are delighted to meet them. The weight behind the handshake makes the other person decide whether you are a worthy opponent or not. If you have already met the person you are shaking hands with then, go for the two-hand touch. By placing your other hand on the person’s elbow, you show a sign of enthusiasm and warmth. Remember, a firm handshake is all about showing confidence not crushing the person’s hand in a contest.

Practice these tips at home and you will have a great non-verbal impact on others. Showing confidence is all about believing in yourself and once you do that, you can easily improve your body language.

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