Feb 13, 2017

Valentine’s Day always spells danger, even for the most romantic of men. There always comes the question of what you are supposed to get your beloved on this day of love?

While big product making corporations cash in on this opportunity and present people with discounts to gift their special lady a product from one of their shops, getting the right gift for a woman is not that simple.

Why Is It So Complicated?

Well first of all Valentine’s Day comes once a year, like her birthday and the day you first met her, but let’s focus on the most important of the most important days of the year in a relationship. It isn’t as complicated as you think guys.

If you think about it just a little bit, you would be able to understand what she wants and what she likes. If you have been paying attention to what she has been saying half the time, it is easy to recognize her taste in things. Music, books or maybe even jewelry.

Think about what she likes to do? Does she like to play sports, cook, read or play video games (which is rare). Think about it and notice the things she talks about the most, and you will arrive at the right decision for a gift for her.

1. A DIY Gift

People say that you can never go wrong with a DIY gift, but that’s not at all true. If you are someone who does not know how to make a book shelf, do not attempt it. You might just end up hurting yourself or worse, hurt her feelings.

If you have a specific skill set, you can use it to create something beautiful for her that she likes. Here is where you have to get a bit creative. Combine your skill set with her interests and come up with a gift that you can make yourself and is useful for her.

You can even cook her a nice dinner for two.

2. A Playlist

Sort of like a mixtape, but unfortunately nobody listens to tapes anymore, but that does not mean you cannot express the sentiment in the new digital world. Pay attention to what she listens to and find new similar songs and some old ones which she likes to mix it up.

You can make the playlist and send it to her on an app, or upload it somewhere she can easily access it. Come up with a creative name or better yet, name it after her.

3. Flowers And Chocolates

Go vintage and get her a nice bouquet of roses accompanied by a box of her favorite chocolates. You can’t go wrong with it. If you know what her favorite flowers are, get her those instead of roses. If you want you can even accompany them with a nice card that expresses how much you appreciate her. It will certainly make her day. 

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