Nov 02, 2017

Our heart is a fickle organ. Often, in a fight between logic and desire, our desire wins. Similarly, in matters of food, we tend to go for things that our palate finds mouth watering and delicious. However, there is always one thing standing between our favorite food and us: Budget! 

Yes, budget is one of the major factors that restrict us from buying anything and everything. To make your palate more diverse, we have listed the ten super foods that you can buy on a budget. These foods are not only delicious, but nutritious too. Check out the following list to know about the foods you can incorporate into your daily meals.

Note: Average price of each super food is listed.

Ten Super Foods

1. Berries ($0.80 per cup)

When it comes to fruits, berries make up 11% of the fruit in the fruit chain. In the year 2014, 667.6 million pounds of different kinds of berries were grown and utilized. This number has significantly increased since then, as it is one of the cheapest foods in the fruit chain. Blueberries and strawberries are the two least expensive berries because they can be grown anytime of the year.

2. Oats ($1 per pound)

Oats are considered one of the healthiest and cheapest foods in the entire world. Every year, more than 20,732 thousand metric tons of oats are produced all over the world. This is a staggering amount and explains why it is such an inexpensive super food. They are rich in fiber and a single bowl in the morning will keep you energized all day.

3. Eggs ($0.19 each)

Did you know that if you eat a scrambled egg with toast in the morning, you would not feel hungry even after lunch? The antioxidants in the egg yolk keep the eyes healthy. In 2013, 68.3 millions of tones of eggs where produced all over the world. An egg is one of the most nutritious foods that every household has in common.

4. Black Beans ($0.30 per half cup)

Beans are one the cheapest super foods with over 50,000 varieties. Amongst these, most people prefer black beans for lunch and dinner. In 2013, 23,139,004 tons of black beans were produced. Black beans reduce the risk of heart disease and promote weight loss.

5. Canned Tuna ($0.20 per ounce)

Since 2013, more than 1.76 million dollars worth of tuna has been sold. This contains fresh, canned, drained, chunks and light tuna. Though fresh tuna is pricey, canned tuna is an alternative to get the same nutrition. The omega-3 oils in the fish promote heart and brain health.

6. Cabbage ($0.40 per half cup)

 As one of the main components in salad, cabbage can accompany every meal. Every year, more than 70,104,972 tones of cabbage are produced all over the world. Their low price and light taste is what makes them so popular. One of the major benefits of cabbage is that it stops muscular degeneration.

7. Apples ($0.75 each)

We all have heard the age-old phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apples are anti-inflammatory and help with heartburns. Apples are grown the most all over the world. More than 80.8 millions of tones of apples are grown each year.

8. Tofu ($0.20 per ounce)

Tofu is a cheap treat for meat-eaters and vegetarians, and is a product of soy milk. This delicious and healthy food can be used for salads, main courses and smoothies. Produced in China, this food has made its way around the world and in to every family’s pantry.

9. Oranges ($0.50 each)

Oranges are one of the most favorite citrus fruits and the most common source of vitamin C. It is the only fruit that is imported and exported throughout the world. Fresh orange juice lowers cholesterol and prevents heart diseases.

10. Carrots ($0.5 each)

If you have a late night craving then stop going for junk food. Make carrots with hummus dipping your go-to night snack. Carrots can be stored for a month and still stay crunchy. Full of vitamin A, carrots are good for the eyes and the immune system.

The best part about super foods that you buy on a budget is that you are slowly improving your diet. Your diet becomes healthier and in the process, you even save money. It is a win-win situation!

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