Nov 20, 2017

In this article, we are going to share a list of ten must-haves tech accessories. The tech equipment on this list is all under $20.

1.    USB Car Charger

You might have heard that Apple has very recently removed its headphone jack. With that gone, a multi-port car charger should be on your to-buy list. It will work great if you want to charge several devices at the same time.

2.    A Flash Drive

We agree that keeping clouds for your data is getting easier, but this tech is never going to get old. A USB drive can be relied upon whenever you need it. It’s easier to carry it around as well. You can use a 64 GB drive from SanDisk; it has a storage which will be enough to gather thousands of pictures, songs and documents at a time.  

3.    A Phone Stand

At work or home, who doesn’t like keeping their tablet facing them — standing upright? If you also like this idea, it’s a great choice to invest in a classy phone stand.

The people who have been using phone stands know the advantage they bring. The main one is that you get to use your phone more actively, as all the incoming notifications are right there in front of you. It also becomes easier for people to use multiple technologies, like your desktop and your phone or tablet, all at once.

4.    An Extra Mobile Cable

Believe it or not, there is always room for spare charging cables. It’s best to keep one cable closer, just in case you need it. Mobile cables, especially iPhone’s cable, have a great tendency to fray  over time. It’s best to use a cable which gives options to charge multiple devices at once.

AmazonBasics is one such cable, it’s around six feet in length. It’s MF- certified as well, and it will work best with all devices you use.

5.    Headphones

While you can’t expect audio miracles in this price range, a number of people are happy to pair their devices with headphones. Look for ear buds which are members of the Head-Fi forum.

6.    Wireless Mouse

Almost everyone hates the clutter made by their mouse’s cords. Using a wireless mouse will give you greater flexibility. These will particularly be of great help if you want to travel.   

7.    A Laptop Stand

Once you buy a laptop stand, it will turn out to be one of the many essential tools you will think you were missing on. It keeps your laptop propped at just the right angle, you will be easily able to use it as a second screen, when using your desktop system.

8.    A USB Hub

All of us use multiple accessories at the same time, a USB hub is handy if you want to charge or use multiple USB ports. Look for hubs with 3.0 ports, as that will offer you a healthier compatibility and your transfer time will be reduced. 

9.    A Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboards are admirable. They will come in light-weight compact sizes, and are also easy to use and operate.

10.  A Portable battery 

Even though smart phones these days have a prolonged battery life, many androids still run out of battery constantly. Before you know it, you're stuck at the terrorizing 10%. If you keep a portable battery, it will help you charge your phone on the go.

Now that you know about all the above tech accessories, which one  will  land on your wish list?

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