Dec 21, 2016

Winter has already arrived and with it, comes a whole host of new problems that you must tackle in order to avoid any mishaps around the house.

However, no matter how hard you try, sometimes there is always that one incident, which you feel could have been prevented in a better manner.

So, here are some important winter safety tips and concerns which you should address in order to stay safe and sound in this snowy season.

Always add layers to your attire

Wearing clothes in layers is essential in the winters. This will make sure all the critical areas of your body are covered and protected from the chilly winds.  Babies and young kids should especially be dressed up in more layers than adults, because they are more liable to catch a cold. 

Ensure child-friendly clothing

While you are carrying out winter shopping this season, are you making sure that your child’s clothes are hazard free? Woolen strings and scarves can strangle small children if they unknowingly pull at them in frustration. Therefore, always make sure you are buying child-friendly apparel to keep them warm and safe.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

You might find it hard to believe, but sunscreen is just as equally essential in the winters, as it is in the summers.  All children and adults should continue wearing it, because winter skies are often clearer than the summer’s cloudy weather  and the sun shining brightly can burn up the skin without proper protection. 

Always be on the look out

Better safe than sorry, right? Why put yourself and your family in danger when you know you can prevent diseases by looking out for them.

Signs of all kinds of winter illnesses should be observed closely. Grayish, pale skin on the finger, nose, ears and toes areas is a sign of winter frost bite. If you think anyone is going through these symptoms, immediately bring them indoors and place the affected areas under warm water or Luke-warm hot packs. 

Aside from this, some vital signs of hypothermia include shivering, unusual clumsiness and slurred speech. It’s best to call 911 as soon as you see a loved one getting hypothermia symptoms. Moreover, keeping yourself and your children well-hydrated is a good idea to beat the dryness of winter. Also, consume warmer items in your diet, like peanuts, soup and hot chocolate.   

Be well-equipped with winter equipment

Family based winter activities often bring out the playful child from within. In order to enjoy all your winter activities, make sure you and your children are well-equipped with snowboarding, sledding, and skiing equipment etc. Also, your winter equipment should fit properly on your bodies, so you have a great time in the snow.  

Stay armed with safety measures

Download weather predicting apps in your smart phone and see the weather condition before you leave home, as it’s often seemingly sunny in the morning, but starts snowing in the afternoon.

For people suffering from winter nosebleeds, it is essential to keep cold air humidifiers with them at all times.

Hence, it’s good to be equipped with winter safety equipment, warm clothing and the necessary tips to detect illnesses beforehand.

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