Dec 05, 2016

Secret Santa is a Christmas activity, in which you present a gift to a random person out of a particular group. The trick here is that the person who receives the gift will not be told that it’s from you.

It is a community based activity and also serves to cater to various philanthropic causes. The activity is designed to make Christmas time easier for people trying to watch their wallets by only giving one gift within a group rather than to each individual. It also helps spread cheer during the holiday season among those who might not receive gifts at all, as they will surely get at least one with this activity.

The Secret Santa activity can also be played as a game within your family, friends or colleagues, where you later have to guess who your Secret Santa was. Here, we describe the basic principles behind this activity, as well as the reasons for doing it this Christmas.

The Basics of Becoming a Secret Santa

Secret Santa is designed to be implemented in a group. Each member in the group is asked to only buy one gift and become a Secret Santa for them, and this reduces the expenses that people often experience during the Christmas shopping activities. The process of playing the game, is to create a list of names of all the people in the group and then each person draws out one name in a random manner. You then only buy a gift for the person whose name you have drawn out. 

Reasons for the Secret Santa Activity

There are several reasons that should make you take part in a Secret Santa activity. You can also be a part of multiple such activities, such as in your office, as well as in your group of friends.Here are some of the important reasons for doing this activity:

Reducing Expenses

Christmas is certainly the time for festivities. But for people with limited savings, it can be a difficult occasion. You may love to give individual gifts to all your friends, family members and colleagues, but just do not have the required resources. Playing the Secret Santa activity will ensure that everyone gets a nice present without burdening their budget.

Community Interaction

This activity truly increases your interaction with the community. This game can also be played in your neighborhood, allowing you to cover a large section of the community, without putting an additional expense on your pocket. This interaction ensures that you are able to integrate among different groups and also serve the interests of the group by participating in a mutually beneficial activity.

Equality in terms of the Gifts

Most Secret Santa activities are carried out with a price limit of the gifts. This ensures that everyone buys more or less on the same financial grounds, and there are no cheap or over-expensive gifts. This practice ensures that everyone receives gifts that are moderately priced and do not make anyone stand out from the crowd.

These are a few of the many reasons that should encourage you to participate in or hold a Secret Santa activity this Christmas. Such activities will lessen your burden this winter, and also encourage bonding in your social groups.

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