Dec 22, 2016

It is staggering to know that even today people question the benefits of having  health insurance. Where the majority of these people asking questions are the young ones because they don’t seem to suffer much with health issues, there are also some people who can’t afford the premiums and think it’s too expensive to get health insurance. They feel they are better off without it. But are these justifications legitimate? Let’s read and you can decide for yourself.

The Monetary Penalty

US citizens who can afford health insurance and still avoid applying for one are now being charged with penalties in the form of tax as a certain percentage of their annual income. This law has been in practice since 1st of January, 2014. So, either you pay your premiums and get something that can help you in a medical emergency or be prepared for additional taxes without having to gain anything.

Healthy Education

Not only in terms of monetary penalties but the government of the US has also made health insurance compulsory for getting admission in colleges or universities. Education without health is worthless and it’s good to know that the government is appreciating that.

Medical Bills are a Major Cause of Bankruptcy

With the advancements in the field of medicine and the ever increasing value of living, medical expenses seem to have risen dramatically over the past decade. In such a volatile scenario, any major operation or medical expense can turn your budget and savings upside down. What you have been avoiding in terms of premiums can come back to haunt you with a hefty medical bill.  In the US, medical bills are one of the major reasons that force people to file for bankruptcy.

Save on Regular Follow-ups and Preventive Care

Regular follow-ups and preventive care are a way of avoiding major medical calamities and most of us are aware of this. What we don’t know is that with health insurance you can have regular follow-ups and preventive care for free. This can save us some money which proves to be a burden over our budgets.

Your Health is Important

And if neither of these reasons were able to convince you, then probably caring for your well-being and health is what should eventually prompt you to get health insurance.

None of us can be sure when our health is going to decline or when we need to enter an emergency room. Having a health insurance plan to cover an emergency is something that can eventually prove to be the difference between life and death.

Apart from research showing that people who have health insurance tend to be healthier than the ones who have not applied for a plan, there is the added incentive of free follow-ups which play a big role in this growing trend.

After reading everything, do you still agree with those who question the benefits of having a health insurance plan? If you haven’t already applied for one, it’s time to act now. Since the introduction of Affordable Care Act, health insurance plans are more affordable than ever especially for people living in a medium to low pay scale bracket. Health is everything and the sooner you realize this, the better.

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