Jan 18, 2017

Are you in search of a job opportunity?

Finding a job always seems like the most difficult thing ever. But that’s because it actually is. Apart from the ever-present possibility of not having your application even considered, there’s another big problem as well. Where exactly do you look for a new job?

Now, there are two ways of looking at this question. We can consider “where” to be some of the most popular avenues through which people look for job, or we can think of it as actual places where you can work. Let’s find the answer to both questions.

Best ways to look for a job

Recruitment and job websites: The first place to look for a job is always where you can find the maximum number of jobs with minimum effort, and that’s recruitment or job websites. This could include government recruitment website, job aggregators, and websites of recruitment agencies.  

Network of contacts: The people, who are extremely social as well as effective communicators of their will to find a job, are the ones who find the jobs easily. Think about it. The more people who know you’re looking for a job, the higher your chances of finding the job would be. Networking is the key to getting a job.

Social media: It’s surprising, given the prevalence of social media, how people can underrate its role as a tool to find jobs. Maybe it’s perhaps because we like to think of social media as social rather than professional, but Facebook and Twitter are great places to find and contact potential recruiters.

Direct contact: What if the employer you want to work with isn’t posting any jobs at the moment? It doesn’t mean you can’t ask for the job. Often, the most effective way to get a job at an organization you like is to ask them in advance or apply even before the vacancy is announced. Trust us. It works!

Best places to look for a job

Pandora: If you love music and you want to work with other music lovers, Pandora is the perfect place for you. The organization offers services to tens of millions of listeners across America by creating personalized playlists. Can there be anything cooler?

Epsilon: For those looking for careers in marketing, there’s no better place than Epsilon. It helps businesses across the world connect with their audiences by effectively sending their message across.

Lending Club: A degree in finance not working for you? Have you tried applying at the Lending Club? It’s one of the biggest and most influential organizations in the world of online credit. It connects borrowers with lenders and entrepreneurs with investors and has helped over a million Americans till date.

Polaris: Do you have what it takes to help biomedical and pharmaceutical companies meet their compliance requirements? If so, you can work at Polaris. The only conditions are you need to be creative and know how to think outside the box. Can’t be that difficult now, can it?

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