Dec 23, 2016

Winter is already here. And as the holiday season is fast approaching, many are scrambling for good ideas for the perfect holiday destination. But what is perfect anyway? Is the perfect holiday destination the land of your dreams? Or is it the one that’s easiest on your wallet? We say it’s a bit of both.

But where can you find such a place? Don’t worry. You don’t have to find it. We already did that for you. Here are some of the best places to find winter travel and vacation deals:


If you want to fly south in the winter to seek the sun, what better place can there be than Panama? For whatever reason, Panama has been a somewhat underrated vacation spot among tourists. But this can work in your favor. You can use the less demand and more accommodation to your advantage and get cheaper plane tickets and stay at some of the best places the country has to offer.

All in all, Panama is the perfect place to relax and get away from all the tourist hotspots to spend some private time with your loved ones. Who wants overcrowded beaches anyway?


Although Florida can be a bit on the pricey end this time of the year, you can find affordable deals if you search hard enough. Places like Orlando and Miami are full of discount deals but they’re also full of tourists. A much cheaper and more desirable option would be to visit Tampa instead.

A three-star reservation in Tampa would cost you somewhere around $85 per night which is much less compared to the $115-per-night rates in Miami. If you have limited budget for the accommodations, you’ll be pleased to know that you can save much more on air fares.  


Yes, winter is the peak season for Australia. And yes, the country attracts tons of tourists from all over the world in the winter season. But there’s a flipside as well. First, the air fares to Australia are on the lower end compared to some of the other popular destinations. Second, and more importantly, the strong American dollar will make your stay during the season much more affordable.

What is unmistakably amazing about a trip to Australia during the winter is the weather. The country is enjoying its peak of warmth and sunshine during the holiday season. And if you make it in time for the New Year, you get to enjoy the spectacular display of fireworks. So, maybe this year it’s time to cross Australia off your bucket list.


If you want to visit Mexico for a cheap holiday destination, winter is the best time to do it. Why? It’s because it’s after the summer season ends and before the spring season begins. The relative calm in between can be perfect for sun-seekers who want peace.

Another reason Mexico can be perfect for you is the wealth of deals on offer. Everywhere you look, hotels and airlines are willing to offer competitive prices and discounted rates. That’s exactly what you wanted, isn’t it?

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