Dec 06, 2016

It’s been more than 25 years since the worldwide blockbuster Home Alone was released in 1990. We all know the child star of the movie—Kevin McAllister, and how can we forget him?  Have you ever stopped to wonder what happened to that adorable, heroic kid who played the lead role in Home Alone? Let’s find out.

Who was Home Alone’s Kevin McAllister?

Macaulay Culkin is the name of the kid who became a heart throbbing sweetheart of millions of Americans and billions of movie lovers from all over the globe. Culkin is now 36, and has starred in several other movies apart from the Home Alone series as well.It’showever, an undeniable fact that his role in Home Alone made him one of the richestand most successful child actors ever.

What happened to the kid star after his fame?

During his peak days, when the world was hooked on Home Alone, Culkin also developed a close friendship with pop sensation Michael Jackson. Culkin spoke out about  about Jackson’s child abuse allegations, and  he stated them to be “absolutely ridiculous”. After the pop star’s death, Culkin also attended his funeral in 2009.

Culkin used to discuss his personal life very little. In an interview on the Larry King show, he said he had retired from acting at the age of 14. He also discussed his estrangement from his father and explained various existing conflicts in his life.

Macaulay Culkin’s Relationships

In 1998, Culkin married the actress Rachel Miner. Unfortunately, things didn’t seem to work out for both, so they  went their separate ways in the year 2000, and later got divorced in 2002.

During 2002, Culkin began dating famous actress Mila Kunis. They had a thing for each other even after 2006 when Kunis was in Los Angeles and Culkin had a residence back in New York. In the start of 2011, Kunis’s agents confirmed that their relationship had ended. The reports stated, “The split was amicable and they will still remain close friends.”  

What’s Culkin up to these days?

As for these days, here’s a short YouTube video which will show you what the Home Alone star is up to. 

This video was shot last year, when Jack Dishel, who is most famously known for the musical act ‘Only Son’ launched a new web series called DRYVERS. In Dryvers’ debut episode, Macaulay Culkin is seen revisiting his career boosting role by being a rideshare driver, who doesn’t even know how to drive. Upon hearing this, his passenger offers to drive instead and it’s Dishel who takes the wheel.

Along the way, Culkin reveals how it feels like to live in a childhood trauma of being left behind—home alone, while his family was on vacation , for a whole week. Turns out, this role completely justifies how that kid could have turned out as an adult—totally psychotic, and very outspoken.

This recent web release tempts us to speculate much more about the prominent child star, who got famous worldwide at such a vulnerable young age of ten.

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