Mar 15, 2017

While most of the country (or at least half) are still getting to grips with the fact that Donald Trump is their new President, Trump doesn’t cease to amaze the onlookers as he trail blazes past the conventional and brings about the kind of change that America needs right now. Sadly, one area that simply refuses to acknowledge the fact that we have a new president in the White House (along with the Democratic Party) is the media. We’ve seen time and again how certain media outlets are starting to look less of an unbiased source of information and more the mouthpiece of the so called liberals and the Democratic Party.

What people don’t realize is the Trump has made history being the first non-government member to become President, since he has neither been governor or has held a government position in the past. This means that the newly elected president, and his newly appointed administration is learning the ropes, which means that mistakes are going to be made, we’ll just have to learn to live with them for now. Recently, in an attempt to curb all the negative news that has been floating around, which President Trump refers to as “fake news” the president gave a surprise press conference which quickly raised eyebrows but for all the good reasons for a change.

The big deal with this recent press conference is that while President Trump has held meetings with the press in the past, he was always accompanied by other leaders of states. This time around, President Trump decided to go solo, which is something that even his foes did expect.

That doesn’t mean Trump held anything back. The president slammed the media for their one sided news coverage. Trump vented his frustrations on how the media was not showing the positive sides of the newly elected Trump Administration and was instead focusing too much on the negative and at times spinning news, especially when it came to hot topics such as Russian involvement in the elections and the more recent bill that called for the ban of some Muslim majority countries. 

President Trump addressed the media by saying that the bill was not intended to target a specific community, and that his team was currently working on another bill that would be a lot similar to the previous one which had been rejected by the Supreme Court, but with a few exceptions. Trump also warned that he would do everything to keep America safe, including the use of his powers as President to veto any such actions by other government bodies, but only if he had to.

Trump has been adamant on keeping America’s borders safe from illegal immigrants, especially from South America, and on stricter vetting procedures for people seeking asylum in the United States. It is important to note that while certain media outlets called the recent ban an act against Muslims and a result of growing Islamophobia, the ban was only on certain countries where the vetting procedures needed to be improved, and did not include countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, or the UAE, all of which are predominantly Muslim countries. Trump said that unfortunately that was not included in many of the media reports, which led to a sort of panic in certain communities. When asked about Russian involvement in the elections and their possible ties with his administration, Trump said that it was ridiculous since he doesn’t own anything in Russia.

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