Dec 24, 2016

So is Mother Nature going to shower its icy wrath in your state? Well, at least, one quality of a snowstorm is that it always provides you with prior notice before its arrival. If you know that a storm is coming, it is best to get prepared. Here are a few tips to do just that. Read them, keep learning, and stay warm, safe and sound.

Things To Keep For Emergencies During Snowstorms

It’s important to make sure you are ready for all kinds of emergencies when it’s about to snow hard. The first and foremost thing to do should be to keep a survival kit close by. This should include enough supplies that would assist you in surviving without leaving your house for a few days, if necessary.

Keep in mind some of the following items:

  • Flashlights: Keeping flashlights will help you in case of blackouts. You can buy good quality flashlights that are self-powered. Also, look out for some models that can be charged easily by smartphones. Don’t forget to store the extra stash of batteries.
  • Snow shovel: Your survival kit is simply incomplete without a shovel – even if you live in an apartment. You never know when you might need to start digging.
  • Candles and matchboxes: What will become of your state if your flashlights stop functioning because of some reason? Always keep boxes of candles and matches at hand—just like the good old times.
  • Bottled water: Water! Without a doubt, the most important thing you will need. If you are storing bottled or canned water, you won’t even have to worry about the pipes freezing over. 
  • Layers of clothing and blankets: Buy some exact sized layers of clothing to wear inside and outside of home. We know you already own warm supplies, but remember when it starts to freeze out, you're going to tuck your family into as many blankets as you can.
  • Battery operated radio: You're going to need a radio that can get you news. Make sure your batteries are fully charged and working.
  • Prescribed Medications: Like you store food, it’s always best to keep the medicines prescribed to you. When a storm hits, it will be very inconvenient to hit the local drug store in an urgent need. 
  • A first aid box: First aid kits help against sudden emergencies and accidents. Make sure you are armed with antibiotics, painkillers, sterile bandages, and disinfectants.
  • Portable chargers: Make sure you have charging equipment. Your electronic gadgets will be useless without charging chords. It’s smart to keep portable chargers in your survival kit as well.
  • Phones with cords: Cordless home phones stay out of order when a snowstorm hits, many states will need you to have one wall plugged phone, at the least.
  • Gas or Fuel: Keep your ride with you all the time, especially with a tank full of gas.  
  • Everything else that you consider important: If there are other things you consider essential for yourself or your family, include that in this list as well. 

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