Nov 13, 2016

World Kindness Day was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement as a way to bridge the gaps that divide the human race such as race, religion and class. The day is celebrated on the 13###sup/sup### of November and the celebration is carried out in many countries including Japan, Canada, Australia, UAE, UK and USA.

All that it takes is a little gesture of kindness to make someone smile. Things such as helping someone out with little things like carrying the groceries to their car or helping them cross the street. Little acts of kindness are what show the world that humans still can relate to each other.

There is no question of race, religion or class involved; everyone needs a lift up sometimes.

Here are three ways that you can be a part of World Kindness Day:

Buy a homeless person a good meal or new clothes

People usually assume that homeless people are dirty and they should stay away from them because they could rob them somehow. The problem here is that people don’t realize  that they are just like you or I; they laugh when they see something funny; they have the same desires of looking good and wearing good clothes and so on.

One of the best things that someone can do on World Kindness Day is buying a homeless person a good meal or better yet, new clothes. Yes, it is not a permanent solution for them, but this small gesture will make them extremely happy, reminding them that the world has not abandoned them.

You can get them a nice haircut too if you feel like it. Most of the homeless men have overgrown beards and they might like to get a little trim.

Offer lemonade to construction workers

Construction workers work a lot everyday and it’s natural that they will be feeling thirsty every now and then. Offering them some free lemonade could quench their thirst with a smile on their face and help you make some new friends.

You can also offer the same to policemen who are on their beat in the neighborhood. They work day and night to keep the streets safe, so why not offer them a little token of your gratitude.

Give someone a hug

There is a common belief that hugs have healing powers. They just make you feel good, and it’s World Kindness Day, right? Why not open your arms to a stranger and offer them a hug? There might be some people who would be a little skeptical when seeing someone offer a hug, but most people will welcome you with open arms. Go ahead, hug someone and make them feel better.

World Kindness Day is a beautiful initiative that helps people come close together. As a community, many of us have forgotten the values of taking care of our own. With the big city culture, we don’t realize that we are all somehow related to each other as friends, colleagues, neighbors and citizens.

Be kind on the 13th of this month and show people that good still exists in the world. 

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