Sep 26, 2017

Is it time to hail a cab again? As you might already know, Uber and Lyft are two famed cab services, which you can order by using the online facility of their mobile applications.  

Even though Uber and Lyft both seem to have the same service, their drivers and passengers think otherwise. In order to make the cab hiring decision easy, the following are some differences among them.

The Pricing

Let’s start with the difference which matters the most—the pricing of each cab service. Essentially, the fares for both are roughly the same. However, Uber was said to be a bit cheaper than Lyft. For each mile, Uber was seen to charge $1.50, whereas Lyft charges their passengers with $1.90 for the same distance.

As it’s pretty evident, both the drivers compete fiercely on their pricing. If we take a closer look, we will be able to observe that both services charge almost the same prices, which only vary from city to city. In some cities, Uber charges as low as $0.75 per mile, while other taxies of the same city bill you at $2.

Both companies will make you pay around $1 to get the ride going. Then along the way, they charge you according to the number of miles. A calculation of pricing in cents can also be noted if you divide the charges per minute. To break it down, an amount of $0.25 cents is taken from each passenger on a single minute basis. If you compare each of their fares to that of a regular Taxi, you will still find them to be way more affordable than the cabbies.

The Waiting Time

During an experiment which was carried out by a columnist, the two competitors were said to barely have a difference in their waiting time. Almost missing a tie, Uber got beaten by Lyft with an extremely narrow margin of 6 seconds! The average time recorded in the arrival of each of the rides at the same location was 4:10 for Lyft and 4:16 for Uber. This waiting time could obviously vary from city to city, but even though Uber gets beaten in this particular timing feature, it is still the most largely used cab service in the  US.

The Safety

As far as safety is concerned, Uber and Lyft are both at a tie. Each service requires their drivers to have a license and an updated insurance plan. Lyft was recorded to being more persistent on questioning the people who opt for jobs with them. Apart from this, the background and criminal checks for each ride seem to be equally in depth.

The Customer Service

Uber and Lyft might have their share of differences but both rides, even though working on the same mechanism, offer different services to their passengers. While Uber seems like the more ‘professional’ cab service, that opens their door for you upon arrival; Lyft drivers seem to encourage their passengers to be on more ‘friendlier’ terms during the course of the ride. They basically like to keep things comfortable and easy. In fact, you might be interested in knowing that there are many drivers at Lyft who were offered extra bonuses for joining Uber.

In the end, whichever service you hire between Uber and Lyft, at least you are sure you won’t be getting the typically boring yellow cabs, with the illuminated taxi sign on their heads. 

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