Jun 09, 2017

“Keep the change, ya filthy animal”—who in the world doesn’t remember Home Alone, and its cast? It’s hard to believe that November 2016 marked 26 years since this phenomenal blockbuster was released.

Have you ever wondered what happened to Home Alones’ cast? If yes, then let’s all prepare for a quick surge of nostalgia, as we recall the cast, and shine light on whatever happened to Kevin and the McAllister family.

Kevin McCallister — Macaulay Culkin

One of the top child stars of the early 90’s, Macaulay Culkin was a shining star at the box office. After getting quick fame and money at such a young age, Culkin played other multiple roles. He married Rachel Miner in 1998, but got divorced in 2002. Soon after, a turbulent life followed him. The public even witnessed him devastated after being arrested for possession of drugs in 2004. Lately, Culkin has been famous for being in a relationship with Mila Kunis. Their relationship lasted from 2002 to 2011. Sources said that they parted on good terms at the end.  

At 36, Culkin is an active part of the Velvet Underground band, called Pizza Underground. Recently, he also appeared in a comical web series, launched on YouTubeDRYVERS.

John Heard—Peter McCallister 

Heard, who acted as Kevin’s shameless and negligible father, bags more than 150 acting credits under his name today. From the years since, this man has performed prominent roles movies such as, The Pelican Brief, White Chicks, The Sopranos, and a couple of stints in Law & Order.

These days, John Heard, now 70, is a part of shows like “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Lizzie Borden Chronicles.” 

Devin Ratray—Buzz McCallister

Remember Kevin’s mean brother Buzz, who owned a tarantula? Devin Ratray is the one who used to eat all the cheese pizza in the entire McAllister household.

Ratray went ahead to play Mickey in Dennis the Menace in 1993. He also did some guest roles in the film, Law and Order. At 38, in 2008, Devin Ratray also starred in documentary “Courting Condi.” In this documentary, he travels the nation, trying to win the heart of Condoleezza Rice, the U.S Secretary of State.

Last time Devin was seen was in a guest role in an episode of "Louie" and "Elementary."

Kate McCallister—Catherine O’Hara

One of the most successful actors from the Home Alone series, Catherine O’Hara, was featured in a long line of hits after performing the mother of Kevin McCallister. She acted in “Wyatt Earp,” and played a mom again in “Orange County”. O’Hara also became famous for being a crazy dog owner in "Best in Show." Now 61, she has been a regular on a show called “Schitt's Creek,” with Eugene Levy as her co star.

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