Nov 30, 2017

Affordable housing has always been a hot topic when people discuss renting out or buying new property. Most citizens of the United States who own property are living off mortgages or loans with heavy interests which make it a little difficult for them to pay their dues when the new month starts.

Since the establishment of the great nation, providing affordable housing for people especially in densely populated areas has been a problem. With time, the government has worked its way towards giving the people an affordable home to live in, by introducing assistance programs and offering low interest loans.

Section 8

Affordable housing has a lot to do with section 8 of the federal legislations which mainly deals with rules and regulations of housing in the United States. Currently, the United States government is still following the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974.

This act introduced a housing assistance program which was simply known as the “Low income Housing Assistance” Program. The purpose of the act was to assist renters pay the dues for a home that was privately owned by a Landlord.

This resulted in the creation of the Housing Choice Voucher program which is now discussed under section 8 of the federal legislature.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program has been designed to assist renters of privately owned homes. The program assists those whose rent exceeds 30% of their monthly income. To qualify for the program, the local Housing Authority must inspect:

  • The rented home
  • Monthly Rent compared to Fair Market rent
  • Monthly income

Housing Choice Voucher Program is part of the federal government, but is still overseen by local housing authorities, which has resulted in no standard process for screening applicants. Every area and every local housing authority have their own criteria which can impact citizens’ position on the waiting list.

Does it apply after switching homes?

This may depend. There are two types of assistances that section 8 offers:

  • Tenant-based assistance
  • Project based- assistance


This is the type of assistance that has been discussed earlier in this article. The assistance program is directly linked to the applicant, which is why whenever the applicant moves, the program follows them. However the rate at which the government assists you may vary because the rent must be 30% more than the monthly income for qualification.


This is the process where the assistance does not follow. The project-based assistance is based on the principle of multiple families living in the same housing project receiving the assistance, but when they leave the premises, the program does not follow and is available for the next tenant that lives in the same house.

The problem with both these programs is that since there are a lot of applicants, the waiting time is very long.

Applying for HCVP

You can visit your local housing authority and learn more about section 8 and its application methods. They are the ones who already manage the program in your area and can help you get started.

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