Mar 17, 2017

It’s difficult to envision how Trump’s administration is going to successfully complete a full term with ease. Based on his numerous press conferences, Trump’s mental state can be likened to a train that is freewheeling, racing along in an indulgent, unnerving and chaotic path, completely unhindered. Trumps qualities that have successfully appalled 65% of Americans have only helped in strengthening his claims for presidency in the other 35% who support him regardless of the unpleasantness. The Republicans are not about to abandon him yet which means that we are going to buckle down and deal with an administration that will collapse, morally and politically.

This is apparent in the fact that Trump has an administration that is completely passive with no action. For any president to achieve anything, they have to rely on the US government. On the other hand, Trump has showcased an extreme distrust of his establishment who mirrored the sentiment back at him.  The Civil Service has quite a number of ways through which it can overturn Trump’s presidential orders, with the court system carte blanche in overturning Trumps initiatives, on any legal grounds that can stick. The intelligence community has started to undermine him as well.

Moreover, his administration appears to be rather insular, with a reliance on an ever shrinking circle of trusted individuals that is quickly coming to encompass only his daughter, his daughter’s husband and Stephen Bannon. Stephen Bannon’s influence on Trump is visible in how he navigated the chaos to his benefit. Many of his have disappeared it becomes apparent that each day shows Trump talking more like Mr. Bannon. Another factor is that times are changing. The US is no longer looked upon by the other nations as a hub of leadership that they would choose to emulate. 

In an increasingly dog eat dog world, Trump has become the perfect fodder with various intelligence agencies focusing on how to manipulate Trump to their advantage. The key to Trump lies not in power play but in flattery and magic tricks. Following this rule book, the Japanese gave Trump the chance to offer new jobs in the Midwest in return for presidential attention that had other governments vying to get Trump’s attention. However, that line is a long one. The Israelis have gotten a one-state solution while the Chinese have manipulated him for their policy, “One China” and the Europeans had Trump turn a 180 on his aim to undo the nuclear deal in Iran.

When it comes to Vladimir Putin, it appears he was made for such a situation. He skillfully played his cards, siding with Trump to help him win. Mere moments later, the Russian state and media has abandoned Trump and US ships are under threat from Russian planes are buzzing U.S. ships. As a world power nation, it is surprising to see the U.S. military and economic might is strong, but it is the U.S. political might that is the weak link here. Moreover, seeing the chaos and the number of manipulators it is difficult envision the number of different ways in which Trump could get himself disgraced.

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