Mar 17, 2017

When it comes to Spring Break, almost every student faces this problem: The desire to go have an extremely wild party, but also not go broke or over budget because of it. If you’re looking for a Spring Break destination that is affordable and offers an amazing escape from ever day life, the following are few that are not only among the best but are also some of the cheapest.

1.     Daytona Beach, Florida

Affordable hotels, water sports, amazing beaches and everything falling within a small budget, Daytona Beach is the favorite among spring breakers and has still managed to retain its pocket friendly status. With great live music shows as well, Daytona Beach is a great locality for spring breakers on a budget.

2.     Myrtle Beach, South California

Another favorite among spring breakers, Myrtle Beach provides accommodations at extremely pocket friendly prices, ranging from $50 - $100. Apart from lodging, the music scene with live DJs, the amusement parks and the picturesque beaches are sure to make Myrtle Beach a worthwhile locality to visit this spring break.

3.     South Padre Island, Texas

One for the seasoned spring breakers, South Padre Island offers accommodation ranging from $44 to $80. With musical performances expected from big stars like David Guetta, Snoop Dogg, Teisto, Steve Aoki and more. This is a place where the party never stops. For those who are looking to break away from the wildness and debauchery, that is common among spring break, the South Padre Island is not the best destination to choose.

4.     Cancun, Mexico

One of the most loved destinations for spring breakers, Cancun has amazing motels and hotels and offers epic all-day parties, crazy night life as well as music festivals at amazingly pocket friendly prices. With a round trip coming to around $200, Cancun, Mexico is a great place to go. You can also find all-inclusive packages that cover all expenses you might incur.

5.     Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

With some of the most affordable rates and picturesque beaches, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is a great location for spring breakers as well. With tons of beach parties, live music festivals and more, Punta Cana is another great option where the music and the parties never stop, even if the sun goes down.

6.     Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the more affordable options for international travel and spring break ensures that the place has plenty of packages available for almost any budget. The place is chock full of limitless beaches, features zip line and whitewater rafting as well as features plenty of tourist destinations that make it a favorite among spring breakers.

Regardless of the place you choose to visit, always remember not to reenact a spring break like the one shown in movies, songs and more. It is also to your benefit to be respectful of the local rules and regulations, so that you can enjoy your time there without having to face any misadventures while you are away.  

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