Dec 05, 2016

Frugal living is becoming popular all over the world, but winter is a time, when you are usually bombarded with a number of additional expenses. However, there are many tips that you can apply to save money in the winter. Here, we share some important tips that you can use:

Tip 1:         Cleaning Your Furnace

Your furnace provides warmth to your house in the winter and represents a significant expense. You can reduce the energy used by your furnace by thoroughly cleaning it before starting it this winter. This will help it run at its optimal level. You should also replace the air filter, if you have a heating system installed in the house. Cleaning the chimney as well as the warm air vents will surely improve the efficiency of your heating system and save you even more money this winter.

Tip 2:         Closing Unused Rooms

If you live in a large house, then you can benefit from this tip. Simply close the rooms that are not in use. They need to be disconnected from the heating system as well. The reduced home area will ensure that your heating system is able to use lesser amount of energy and still offer you the same benefits with reduced bills.

Tip 3:         Cooking Meals at Home

If you wish to save money, you should eat at home this winter. This is mainly because when you use your oven or stove to cook a meal, you also release heat in your home. If your home has good insulation, then this heat will be retained within the structure. This will decrease the load on the HVAC system installed in your house and reduce the need for running the furnace.

Tip 4:         Installing Better Insulation

Although installing better insulation can cost you some money, the benefits tend to go on for a number of years. Improved insulation of the home greatly increases your savings in all seasons. You can save a lot of money this winter by getting your home insulation improved by a certified plumber. Better insulation will save you money throughout the year.

Tip 5:         Using Energy Efficient Lighting

If you want to decorate your house this Christmas, but are worried about the bills, then you can decorate using energy efficient LED lights. These lights are available in different colors and use very little energy, when compared to traditional light bulbs. LED light bulbs are beautiful, as well as quite functional. You should encourage your friends and family members to use them too and make considerable savings this winter.

Tip 6:         Using Sunlight to the Max

Sunlight is a great source for heating your home. You can install a skylight in your home, which will allow sunshine to enter your home and take its part in heating the premises. You can also easily use the energy of the sun by opening all of your south bound windows, while still remaining safe from the freezing Northerly winds.

Tip 7:         Wearing Warmer Clothing Indoors

Winter clothing is not just for the outdoors. You need to understand that you also need to wear warmer clothing, when you are at home. This will decrease the heating that you require in your home. If you set your home temperature a few degrees lower, then you will be able to save as much as 5%–10% in terms of reduced heating expenses.

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