Oct 03, 2017

As the year 2016 comes to  its end, many people have started reflecting on their unfulfilled goals  that they had at the start of  the  year. This happens with almost every person who makes life goals enthusiastically at the beginning of each New Year. What goes wrong is that by the time their New Year kick starts, they are too lazy at first and eventually too busy later on to work towards the goals. Due to this laziness and lack of motivation, a number of people tend to ignore their life’s goals which seem impossible for them to achieve later on.

Human beings generally have the ability to do one thing at a time. This habit of theirs make them feel increasingly goaded by their giant-sized life goals. Here, we’re aiming to help such individuals and several others who want just ONE single thing to do in their own capacity, in order to fulfill ALL their life goals. Here is a step which they must take in order to accomplish their life goals.

Making a Life Goal That is ‘Real’

Unfortunately, most people end up making life goals in the wrong way. If you want to fulfill all your desired goals in one single  shot , you need to do this—make a positive “real” life goal.

Many of you might be dismayed upon reading the above statement. You might be thinking, this step suggests that you don’t have genuine goals in your life, but this isn’t how it is. The problem here is—a majority of the people have no idea what they want from their  lives .

Countless people vow to lose weight in the upcoming New Year, while  others tend to work towards getting a prestigious job in the company they are working for.  The issue raised here is, how large of a margin of errors have they kept for their target goals?

Do they plan to lose weight by having a risky weight loss surgery?  Do they want to exercise vigorously  to the point they need to seek medical help?  Do they want to climb the work ladder by crushing a few people along the way?  Of course, they don’t.

How to Create a “Real” Life Goal?

The first thing you should do when you are revising your life goals in order to make them real is giving voice to your goals aloud while you stand in front of the mirror.

“I want to get a promotion by winning my CEO’s approval!”

Sounds like a real life goal, doesn’t it?. In fact, there is still some room for improvement. Your goals have to be specific if you want to keep them real and action worthy. The same goal can be rephrased as “I want to nail a promotion with my hard work this year.” There you are, your life goal has improved a lot now, but there are still some factors which you can add.

“I want to earn a promotion by working hard and helping every individual who works with me at the office.” That could be the final and the most fantastic real life goal you can ever commit yourself to.

Therefore, you need to revise your goals this year. When 2017 starts, make sure you have a goal which you can proudly achieve. And if you make a goal that stands apart in this manner—you will undoubtedly succeed. 

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