Jun 14, 2017

It is easy to believe anything that has the words healthy and best attached to it, but we should be careful of what we put into our bodies just on the recommendation of a random individual. Following a healthy diet is a good thing, but trying out new things to improve your diet is a big risk.

For your ease, we have compiled the five worst and best diets to be followed in 2017:

The Five Worst Ones

1. Apple cider and Vinegar

Everyone who wants to follow a healthy diet has heard of the miraculous apple cider and vinegar diet with a bit of cayenne and honey added to it. This can be more dangerous than beneficial for people who have gastric problems.

The spices and the acidic contents irritate the bowels so it is better to stay away from it.

2. The Military diet

Okay, so let’s get one thing straight. The high calorie military diet is for personnel in the military because they go through rigorous training that uses up most of their energy. If you are living a comfortable life, stick to the healthy diet for normal people. 

3. Clay diet

The name itself says there is something fishy about the diet. You are ingesting something that is used to make pottery. Clay can damage your intestines and leave a bad taste in your mouth, so stay away.

4. The Tapeworm diet

One of the craziest diets you will hear about is the tapeworm diet. It requires people to swallow a tapeworm after a meal so it can eat half the meal they’ve had. Don’t do this. It is dangerous because you are willingly allowing a parasite to roam around your body.

5. High-Carb Low-Fat diet

Remember, fat is not all bad, in fact you need fat to survive. Following a carb laden diet with low fat foods such as bread sticks, pretzels and crackers, can lead your blood sugar to spike dangerously as these foods are digested easily and leave you hungry for more.

The Five Best Ones

1. A healthy breakfast

Remember when your mom used to tell you breakfast is the most important meal of the day and made you eat it all before you left for school? She was absolutely right. Have a healthy breakfast that makes you feel full and you can go easy on the lunch.

2. Beer-Free

Bad news for people who want to stay fit and love beer because the best way to remove excess fat from the belly is to stay away from beer as much as possible. Develop a taste for other drinks and try to go easy on the alcohol intake altogether.

3. Double the protein

A general rule suggests that a person who wants to lose weight and build more muscle needs to ingest double the number of proteins as their weight. A person who weighs 40 pounds needs to have about 80 grams of protein each day. But remember the focus is on the word “protein” and nothing else.

4. Lower your caffeine intake

If you are a morning coffee person, become a morning jog person instead. Studies have shown that people who have caffeine to get them started in the morning feel fatigued by mid-day and have to get another cup. Instead, exercise a bit in the morning and you will feel the same rush as you do with coffee without the mid-day drowsiness.

5. Fish is good

Unless you are allergic, you can never go wrong with eating fish. Chock full of protein, fish has a lot of other advantages like improving your eyesight and making your hair stronger. 

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