Dec 06, 2017

Before you venture out into the wilderness, you might want to get a hold of some of the survival hacks that may help you get out of a sticky situation. There are numerous survival experts who have given out their expertise in using common household items and some consumer products that can help you gain leverage over the great outdoors.

Here are some survival hacks that may get you out of a tight spot:


Imagine you are in the wild, and your torch light starts to fade and you can feel the anxiety building up. You then check for backup batteries and you realize you only have AAA batteries and the torch has AA battery slots, increasing the feeling of terror inside you.

Don’t worry, relax, and take a deep breath. Simply remember to keep a roll of aluminum foil with you at all times. If you have aluminum foil with you, tear out two small pieces of foil, roll them up in balls and replace them in the gap that is between the battery terminals and the battery. You now have another pack of batteries with you but you might want to hurry back to camp as AAA batteries have lower power and will run out of fuel soon.

Instant fire

There is a very helpful trick to create instant fire and all it requires is some steel wool and a 9V battery. Here’s how it’s done. Put the steel wool on dry land, and touch the 9V battery to parts of the steel wool. Be careful to keep taking it away from the steel wool as well, as you do not want the battery to burst from the heat. Due to the intertwined steel wires in steel wool, conducting current allows them to catch fire instantly. Add dry twigs and branches on top and you have yourself a warm fire for the night.

Water Lantern

Get a big jug and fill it up with water. Next, you need a head lamp to strap around the body of the jug. The head lamp’s torch should be facing the body of the jug. This will create the perfect non-piercing light for a good ambience in the jungle.

Lost nuts

In the case that you have a flat tire and while replacing it, you lost the nuts that are required to hold the tire in place, there is a very nice hack that can allow you to go the distance without any of the four nuts. A car tire basically requires three of the four nuts to allow it to stay fixed. Take a nut out of the other three wheels and place it on the tire you just replaced and you are good to go.

The Flash Torch Mini 

This torch is the ultimate survivor’s weapon. It shines with the luminosity of 2,300 lumens and can be used to light a fire and be a beacon for someone if they are lost. The torch is pocket sized and is built to survive in the harshest environment. It can last up to 1,000 hours. Just make sure to keep it away from the eyes when you turn it on (click here to check out).

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