Mar 28, 2017

Sometimes, it’s not just about the product that is being sold, but rather, the person who is selling it matters too. On eBay, you can see the reviews and ratings of all the sellers and buy accordingly.

As per the general trend, people, who have great customer service and offer full returns and refunds if there is a problem, are found to be much more trusted than the ones that have bad reviews and do not have any customer service setup in place to talk to, in case there is something wrong with the product.

We’ve all also seen that everything is sold on eBay, from toilet plungers to diamond rings. In fact, one of the pioneers of ecommerce in the world is now a huge tech company that is giving most of its competitors a run for their money. So, here are the top products sold on eBay:

1. Customized iPhone Cases

As most people who want to personalize the look of their iPhone go online to search for cases that do not cost much and will make their phone look nicer, phone covers that have already been created to fit to iPhones are some of the most sold items on eBay.

There are companies that design cases according to the customer’s taste, but they end up being too expensive as compared to a case that is already in the market. So yes, in the list of most selling things, iPhone cases are number one.

2. Shoes

One of the most ordered items are shoes. With numerous designs to choose from, anyone can order shoes online. They just have to know the right size of their foot according to the country they are ordering from. Most shoes that are for everyday use and athletic use can be ordered online very easily.

3. Socks

Believe it or not, socks sell like hot cakes on eBay. With a variety of socks available, people who have been buying all those shoes need to have something to wear within right? There are different types of socks available for different functions.

4. Fragrances

Since fragrances do not require any fitting or size specifics, people order them online a lot. The only thing the customer needs to know is which fragrance they want because smelling the fragrance online is a challenge.

5. Collectibles

People who have kept their old action figures in mint condition can sell the collection on eBay and make a fortune out of it. Even old comic books that are in readable condition can be sold. Old issues go for a very high price on eBay. As collectors are looking for items to add to their collection every day, sell your collection online and get rich.

6. Cheap watches

An expensive watch can be bought by anyone from any designer brand. However, people, who are looking for cheap but good watches, come to eBay and if you are someone who can supply it, you are in for some heavy cash coming your way. 

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