Jan 29, 2019

Before the snowflakes begin to fall, you need to be prepared for all kinds of survival remedies. Not only these, you should be sure that your car is in top shape. Before you know, you might be out with the uncomfortable task of having to drive in the snow. Holidays naturally require lots of traveling and visiting. Unfortunately, every year, many people get trapped in serious difficulties during winter drives. On top of that, imagine if you are without signals at mid-road, with a car full of your friends and/or family members, and you get stuck in the snow. What would you do in such a situation?

Have a look at some of the most important things you must have in your car, when you set out to drive in snowfall.

Blankets, Socks And Mittens

This one is a no-brainer. You need to have blankets, warm socks, and mittens in your car if you plan to drive in an area where there are high chances of a snowstorm. If you get stuck in the snowstorm, you can simply call 911 and wait inside your car. Covering yourself with warm blankets and mittens is absolutely vital for preventing frostbite.   

Spare Cell Phone

Keep a cheaper, extra cell phone wrapped inside a spare jumper, just in case you will need to call 911. While your trusted sidekick, aka your smartphone will always do the trick, you need to prepare in case its battery dies and you need to call 911.


Having a flare will make your spot more visible to anyone who is searching.  When the rescue teams arrives, all they’ll be able to see for miles is white snow. If you have a flair for emergencies, you know that having a few flares and a flare gun will help you fare well in such affairs.   

Jumper Cables

You should have a working set of jumper cables in your car irrespective of the conditions you are driving in. Jumper cables come in handy if your battery dies out and you have a power source nearby to jumpstart the car.

Wind-Up Radio

If you have a wind-up radio in your car, you can operate it without electrical power inside your car. Using it will make you aware of the weather conditions during emergency or incoming snow storms.

Ice Scrapper

Ice scrappers are special brushes used to scrap off snow from the car’s windows and windscreens. Without them, you will never be able to drive during snow time.


Keep extra flashlights inside your car for those long drives on cold winter nights. If you get stuck somewhere, you can whip out the flashlight and use it to attract attention, find your tools, and may be shed light on some important issues.

Dry Food

You never know when you will be stuck in a snowdrift or a blizzard. Keeping dry food items in your car will be perfect for such emergency hours. Also, avoid storing water or any other liquid in your car, since when the temperatures reach a minus, all liquids freeze. Some liquids like beer can also explode when they are kept blow freezing temperatures. However, you should have a thermos of hot, steaming coffee with you at all times.

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