Feb 23, 2017

It is no secret that the Kardashians have always been a step ahead of the world when it comes to staying in the limelight, but recently, since October 2nd 2016, it seems that the most famous of the Kardashians, had gone silent for a while.

Kim Kardashian is easily one of the famous Kardashian and we are not afraid to say it. The E! superstar has her own reality show about her family, a clothing line, a perfume brand named after her, and has been a fashion icon for over a decade now and is married to one of the highest grossing rap superstars of all time.

Everything about her screams fame, so what happened that made her go silent for almost three months?

The Paris Incident

Just before her silence on social media, Kim Kardashian had a traumatic experience in Paris, France, where she was robbed of millions in Jewelry. The time was about 3 AM when the chief of Police received the call that there has been an armed robbery.

The chief of police and his second did not know who Kim Kardashian was until they Googled her. Kim Kardashian had been robbed at gun point and was robbed of her very expensive Jewelry.

The chief of police added that the person who robbed Kim was a “new type of Gangster” that has been plaguing the streets of Paris for a while now. They were initially Home Jackers, who targeted weak and old wealthy people, but it seems that now the weak and old are not their only targets anymore.

Safety Measures

To the millions of Twitter and Instagram followers, it came a as surprise that their beloved icon had not uploaded anything in the following 24 hours. They did not know that this silence would extend over 3 months.

Fans of Kim worship her and read her every post on any social media platform. It must have been a relief to see their idol back in posting action.

It is possible that after the Paris incident, Kim’s security team might have limited her social media use. According to the Chief of Police of Paris, the criminal that robbed Kim had trained themselves to follow every move of a person on the internet.

With Kim updating almost every intimate detail about her life on social media, getting hold of her location was not difficult.

Her comeback

Kim made a comeback on social media with a message to her fans on Twitter saying “I missed you guys!” and a photo of her, Kanye and their two children North and Saint. A video was posted on her app showing Kanye and Kim embracing their children lovingly.

This was a great day for Kim Kardashian fans as they got to see their favorite person back on social media, making waves. It seems like Kim will be regularly updating her social media feeds, but will be a bit more careful than she was before when disclosing her location.

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