Nov 15, 2017

To spend or not to spend? That is the question.

And , how much to spend?

These are some of the questions that may keep many people up at night, particularly those who live paycheck to paycheck. Spending the whole month worrying about food or paying bills leaves little space to think about style and fashion.

It’s understandable, but earning less doesn’t mean you need to spend your life looking like a homeless person. In fact, you’d be surprised at the sheer number of things you can do to stay classy while spending as much as you do now.

Buy clothes at discount or thrift stores

You were dreading this suggestion, weren’t you?

Most people wrinkle their nose even at the barest suggestion of shopping at thrift stores. Yes, they can be dirty or extremely cluttered. But hey, it’s not like you have a choice anyway. And besides, you can find gems at thrift stores if you look long enough. It’s even better if you bring a friend along. Then you can have some fun over who gets what.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry. Let’s not go to thrift stores. How about discount stores instead? You can find designer brands at wallet-friendly prices. Discount stores can offer a huge variety and their inventory rotates every few weeks so you can visit regularly. The more you visit,  the better chance you’ll have at finding something particularly good. 

Find a really good tailor

What’s the one thing that makes designer wear better than regular clothes? Well, everything, almost. There's one thing that can make your $20 jacket look like a $500 designer wear and that is a custom fit. A good fit is what can make off-the-rack clothes look amazing.

You might think why spend extra on a tailor. And it’s a legitimate question. But let’s do a cost-benefit analysis. Even if you spend as much as the price of a shirt to get it fitted, you’re still spending half as much as an expensive garment. It’s still a much, much better deal.

Sometimes, less is more

Despite our attempts to convince you to get the most value out of your clothes while spending less, we have to admit that it cannot beat the quality of the expensive product. Even if you earn less, it doesn’t mean you have to break up with designer wear. Sometimes the temptation can just be too much.

 We have a solution. Buy the designer dress. No, seriously, go ahead and buy it. Sometimes it’s okay to spend more on less. Sometimes it’s better to buy one good dress rather than 20 average dresses.   It may seem absurd, if you adopt the one-good-dress policy every month, soon you’ll have a sizeable collection of designer items without any sizeable damage on your monthly finances.

Take good care of what you own

While you can’t spend more money on staying classy, you can certainly put in more effort to care for what you own. And this goes especially well for some of the more expensive items you own.

For instance, don’t dump everything into the washer. That can destroy your clothes in the long run. If you want to extend their life, you can clean them with more care, perhaps with a toothbrush or sponge to remove the stain. 

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