Nov 23, 2016

There are often times when you are short on money, and need  spend a lot on an important occasion. If this is the case this Thanksgiving, then you need all the support you can get.

We believe that it is an occasion to celebrate life with family, and therefore, it is important to host a great dinner. Here, we describe a few techniques and hacks that will allow you to host a great dinner this Thanksgiving on a tight budget.

Take Help

There are times when we all need help. If you are on a budget, it is a great idea to host a potluck meal this Thanksgiving. Of course, for people with fewer family members, it may not be a great idea, but if you have lots of relatives gathering together for the dinner, the potluck method will certainly be useful. You can also ask your family members to share the costs of a gracious meal this Thanksgiving. You should always look to create healthier traditions in the family and enjoy a shared experience.

Share Groceries

One of the problems in buying groceries is that good deals are only available, if you buy in large quantities. You can find a friend, who is also facing the same problem and buy the groceries together. You can then separate the items that you require, which will definitely save you some money. This practice will also ensure that nothing goes to waste, as most of the supplies will be preferably shared. You can practice this technique, with a number of people as well.

No Prepared Items

Prepared food items are usually much more expensive than their raw ingredients. If you are low on your budget, then you need to prepare everything personally. This will take more time, but you can save a great deal of money. There are many items that you can make at home, reducing the cost of your dinner.

You can prepare mashed potatoes, different creams and sauces, and the different desserts that you used to purchase from the supermarket or a bakery, right at home at a lesser expense. The savings with this method may not be immediately evident; but you will notice a lighter expense, when you return from the grocery store.

No Wine

One of the more expensive items on a Thanksgiving dinner is quality wine. This year, do not spend money on it and simply ask your family members to bring a bottle or two. Wine is an item that people love to bring as a gift. Just leaving out alcohol will help your budget, and ensure that you are able to prepare a great meal with the available resources.

Shorter Menu

There is no need to have double-digit dishes for the dinner. Just make sure that you focus on a few food items that everyone likes. You can then ensure that you spend your restricted budget on them in an ideal manner. Make sure that you give a lot of time  for  food preparation, and present a few winning options in front of your guests. So, this Thanksgiving, share and reduce, to host a great dinner and still remain within your budget. You can really try the potluck method, if you receive a large number of visitors

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