Dec 09, 2016

What’s worse, is that you will be spending more and more ‘valuable’ time with your relatives, since the winter holidays are just round the corner If you're panicking with the approaching holiday season, it’s about time you stop fretting. A game-changing plan is all you need to march in this battle of relatives—all armed.

 Here is a guide showing you how to successfully handle various kinds of annoying relatives this holiday season.

The Advisor

Mode of attack: Bestowing wisdom and advises

Thefirst kind of annoying relative is an elderly who has retired, is facing old age problems, and because they want a new, productive hobby other than newspaper reading, or dog walking, they fire their gun of advice  at you.

Having spent their whole life the ‘right’ way, they cringe instantly at seeing your ears pierced, with your baggy jeans and tattooed biceps. This relative always seems to think that you're sliding down a very dangerous, slippery slope.  In their minds, they are the only person alive in this universe who could save you from drug overdose and sexual assault charges. 

Line of defense: Dress up

Before they start to hand in their list of valuable suggestions, the best defense you could use against them is donning your formal attire. This will help you in more ways than you could ever imagine. Given that the advisor judges people by their appearance, they will automatically think you have grown out of your flip-flop stage—hence saving you from defending your pursuit of fashion with your arts degree.

The Fighter

Mode of attack: Argumentative and short-fused

We all know this type extremely well. These relatives are not only built with a default short fuse, they are also short-tempered and argumentative. They love bringing up heated subjects in a family gatherings, and when they do so, you know it’s soon going to transform your house into a full-fledged war zone.

Line of defense: Finding solace in humor

Make an active effort to ignore them when they fan the flames. Even if they try to egg you or anyone else on, it’s totally up to you how you respond. Why give them the satisfaction of seeing you uncomfortable? Humor is the best defense in such a situation. Laugh it off and don’t react—or you can also simply say, “I’d rather prefer not to agree or disagree on this subject.”

The Investigator

Mode of attack: Personal questions

This is the type that everyone avoids—they love gossip-hunting, so they will pry at your most personal details within no time. It’s not that they are concerned, but because rumor mongering is their favorite pastime. Their line of attack is pretty strong to detect—‘So, who are you dating these days?’‘Oh, did you and Lizzy decide to break up?’‘ Poor dear, your recent status updates suggest you are not happy.’‘What were the grades in your last exam? Aww, a B minus? That’s awful.’

Line of defense: Answering all questions with questions

Since gossip takes no time to spread, the best defense you have against such relatives is not to answer any of their questions. You would have to say something, right? So, answering all their inquiries with a question of your own is a great idea. Simply dodge them by directing their questions towards them. “Why do we always talk about me? How about you? Tell me about your recent hookup?” Just question anything about them you’ve heard over the holidays, and believe it or not—this one works in shutting them up.

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