Feb 28, 2017

Throughout the presidential election campaign Donald Trump remained unchained and unapologetic with the thoughts and views he shared on both domestic and foreign policies with the media. As the news channels that have become the mouthpiece of the liberals and the extreme left tries its best to quell the enthusiasm of all those who want their new president to succeed, many Americans are finally awakening to the fact that it’s time we all stopped subordinating ourselves to the opinions of the media, media personalities and others in the entertainment industry, who could care less of the common man as long as they cash in million dollar checks. Although Trump has only been in the office for a month, here are a few things that the new President Trump has achieved that you may not know about.

Trump Say’s ‘No’ To More Federal Hiring

This was a huge decision that was made by the new president just days after he took office. Following in Regan’s footsteps, President Trump called for the immediate freezing of federal hiring outside the military. This is big news to all those who have been following Trump’s presidential campaign for the past year because the new president is looking to deliver on his promise, which was to shrink the government to cut federal expense. The first step to cutting expenses of the government or any organization is to stop hiring more people.

The Gender Question

One of the most controversial decisions made by the previous Obama Administration was to allow transgender women to use women’s bathroom or the bathroom of the gender they feel they most identify with. This led to widespread protests by concerned women and parents. The good news is that the decision has been put on hold for now by the new President who thinks that it should be for the states to decide, which is probably for the best.

Trump has Reinstated the Mexico City Policy

President Trump didn’t think twice when the time came to bar all US government funding to international non-governmental agencies who supported or performed abortions abroad. Thanks to Trump, our tax dollars are not going to go into murdering children overseas or spreading immorality by offering a “trump-card” to young Americans.

Getting Rid of Red Tape

One of the best ways to grow an economy is to stop the red tape that strangles local businesses. Being a business man, Trump understands that well. That is why Trump has ordered all Federal Agencies to cut two regulations for every new regulation one they propose. This will automatically lead to fewer regulations that will benefit entrepreneurs and SMEs in the US.

Dealing with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

This was a bad deal to begin with, and would dangerously minimize US sovereignty. The new President did the right thing by killing the TPP trade deal and offering to talk to all member countries on a one on one basis.

Regardless of the prevailing arguments of the Democrats, Trump is simply unfit to be the president, Trump has proved that nobody can stop a natural-born leader from getting to the top, running for the most important office in America and winning.  

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