Aug 24, 2017

YouTubers are people who typically work from home, and yet somehow, end up earning more than most people who work full-time all week. Have you ever wondered how all the top notch YouTubers make so much money? If so, then you're in great luck, because we are finally going to answer all your questions relating to YouTube below.

How do YouTubers get paid?

1.    They place ads on the beginning of their videos

No matter how smart people are, there are high chances that each subscriber will at least watch the first 30 seconds of a YouTube video. If viewers aren’t using Adblock to skip videos, YouTubers get the money for all advertisements they allow to run on their channel.    

2.    They get sponsorship offers for their videos

Sponsorship offers are usually offered to the big channels on YouTube. However, a small channel can also get lucky enough.

Basically, an advertiser pays YouTubers to make one video about their product so they can get to market it. Furthermore, as a law, they are required to declare that their video is an ad in the YouTube video’s description.

Taking sponsors on board actually earns all YouTube celebrities much more money, as compared to normal advertising.

3.    They use Patreon

Patreon lets all content creators and YouTubers receive donations from fans, and in return, they also get to offer rewards to their fans.  This website takes around 10% from the channel owner and the rest is kept by them. You probably will find it hard to imagine, but most YouTubers make more money not from their paychecks, but through Patreon.

How much does YouTube pay YouTubers per view?

Once a YouTuber links Google Adsense to their channel, they make 68% more out of the ad revenue. YouTube charges $0.18 from all advertisers whenever a viewer sees more than 30 seconds of an ad.  Roughly, around an amount of $18 is earned per one thousand views.

Who are the richest YouTubers?

Well, you can always check who the top earning YouTuber are these days by using Google’s ranking report. But to provide you a fair idea, back in 2014, one of the top YouTubers made around 4.9 million. This was earned by channeling videos that are about unboxing Disney toys. One of the top videos of the same channel gained 217 million views. Youtuber, PewDiePie made $4 million in 2014 as well, while LadyBabyBum earned $3.5 million.

Yes, we understand, the figures above might have you questioning your job. But, don’t worry, you're not alone in this struggle. We are here for you. If you seek a career in YouTubing, go ahead and give it your all.

To do this, you need a strong sense of direction and purpose.  Also, consider a Patreon account as an essential money making element. Carry out your best ideas and never quit until you find your YouTube channel gaining traction. Good luck!

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