Dec 28, 2016

Finally, the holiday season is here! It’s really time to celebrate to the fullest. You’d be surrounding yourself with friends and family soon. There will be smiles and laughter all around you. However, the arrival of holidays also suggests that a time for eating and gaining unhealthy weight is also approaching fast. According to NIH, National Institute of Health, holiday eating results in gaining an extra pound or even more, each year.

But, don’t worry. Enjoy your holiday time as much as you can, with the help of these holidays seasonal tips. They will fend off all your unhealthy holiday habits for sure.

Cutting Your Christmas Tree Yourself

Okay, so enough of buying the Christmas trees straight from the supermarket lot. They are drying out there since weeks. To make a healthy change, visit a nearby farm or green hilly-areas, which allow you to choose from many shapes and sizes of trees. Not only will task allow you to get your hands on a much less expensive tree, but it will also combat against those calories. You will definitely burn much fat when you walk grounds, in search of the perfect Christmas tree.  

Indulging In Homemade Holiday Treats

Since the sole calorie count isn’t enough, what will it take to have you convinced in favor of home-made cookies? Believe it or not, the cookies at the store are just sample treats, and you are missing out o actual stuff by resisting baking at home. Besides, baking meals at home will also encourage children to take active part in the whole cooking process. This activity allows family bonds to flourish over the holiday season. 

Walk Down The Memory Lane By Organizing Your Family Photos

Decide on one single task and try to accomplish it over the holidays.  This could be anything, from cleaning the kitchen cabinets to organizing the garage or the family photo albums. How about creating a family photo album, which shares memories from all those wonderful years of childhood? Even if you don’t have photo albums, you can arrange your family’s photos by placing them in various shoe boxes. To add color, wrap the boxes in colored wrapping paper. 

Cut Down The Alcohol Entering Your System

Yes, holiday time is all about being festive, but who said you have to be too tipsy? Being on holiday time doesn’t allow you to send your healthy meal plans on holiday as well. Too much alcohol entering your system can turn out to be interfering with your blood sugar levels. Such drinks slow down the glucose release in the blood. Not to mention the calories that are consumed by each shot of vodka that you take. Roughly speaking, there are around 55 calories in a single vodka shot, 170 calories in a stout pint. Apart from all the healthy talk, alcohol and drugs make your food judgments hazy as well.  You end up eating the exact opposite of what you should ear, which results in throwing up, or passing out. 

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