Dec 07, 2017

This is not a secret anymore—the habit of smoking is going to cost you unlimited harm along with physical and mental destruction. When you are fully aware that inhaling the toxic material that comes from cigarettes can cause you unwanted long-term problems, why not get motivated towards ditching this habit right here, right now?

Here are some reasons which are going to help you a great deal in your battle against the habit of smoking cigarettes. 

The “Actual” Cost of Smoking

Unlike what most smokers believe, smoking was never a cheap sport in any way. The price of a pack of cigarettes might not seem that intimidating to you, which is hardly more than $6 or $7, but maybe looking at the overall cost of will make you realize the significance of the  expense.

 Have you ever calculated the smoking budget you set aside, for consumption of a pack of cigarettes a day, for a whole year? Here, have a closer look.

  • Calculating by $6 for each pack, your annual expenditure on smoking is around $2,190 per year! It’s probably even more than this amount, all depending on your choice of brand, of course.
  • In some cities like New York, where there is additional tax that is applied on smoking, the price of cigarettes automatically rises to $15 per pack.

In the year 2004, it was estimated that the actual cost of smoking is something more. It is easily around $40 per pack if you keep the following factors in your mind.

  • $33 for each pack  keeping in mind the cost of early deaths by smoking related  disabilities.
  • $5.40 for each pack - if you calculate the cost of second hand smoke ,  which has obvious negative effects on the significant other andwho is inhaling the  smoke without a choice.
  • $1.40 for each pack -  keeping in mind the passive effects of smoking on the entire society as a whole.

The “Hidden” Costs of Smoking

We already know of the many health-related expenses of smoking. However, there exist a bunch of other costs of smoking, which are “hidden”. These expenses go far beyond the price you give for each pack of cigarettes you use on a daily basis.

Here are some smoking costs and bills  you might never have considered or thought about before.   

Increase in the rates of life insurance

 Smokers are individuals who have a higher risk of facing death, and as a result,   also face higher insurance premiums and annual life insurance rates.

Increase in the rates of health insurance

Every single person who smokes knows the harm smoking has to their health.  Their health insurance company is also aware that they naturally have higher medical risks. So, just like life insurance, smokers pay extra costs to the health insurance companies as well.

Increase in car insurance rates   

Since smokers are at a much higher risk of being involved in accidents as compared to non smokers, they end up paying more in this regard as well.

Increase in the number of medications

A smoker’s healthcare bill and their number of prescribed medications are always on the rise, all thanks to their smoking addiction.

Increased house insurance and decrease in overall property value

Smokers are more prone to burning their houses down because of a burning cigarette. This hands them an increased rate of house insurance and also causes an overall decrease in their property value. After all, who would want to buy a house that reeks of smoke? 

After getting to know all the above hidden and actual costs of smoking, it’s pretty obvious as to why you need to throw your pack of cigarettes away this very instant.  

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