Apr 18, 2017

Moving up the corporate ladder takes years of listening to your boss and hard work, and even then, you might get left behind because someone new came along. According to research, around 52.3% people hate their jobs. Not dislike, hate! It maybe because of their boss, their fellow workers, low salary, or because, most importantly, they did not get a job in the field they wanted.

If you wake up every day and think aloud, “Why am I doing this work?”; then it is time to quit your job. Life is too short, enjoy it while you can. While this should be your motto, below are some other signs that explain why it is time to quit your job:

Panting After Your Boss

Does your day start and end with enduring  your boss’s demands? Around 70% of the people hate their boss even if they love their job. If a boss takes credit for your projects in front of department heads, then it is time you  takeyour ideas to another company or start one of your own.

You Lack Passion

We often get advice from our loved ones  that sounds like:“So what if you do not like your job, you should think about the bills it pays”. What you do not know is that this statement contradicts with your talent. Experts say that when people work at jobs, which they do not enjoy, it does not allow them to tap into their true potential. So, basically, if you were working at a job you loved, you would be more productive and would feel good about yourself.

No Feedback Process

Feedback is extremely important in praising an employee. It lets the employee know that they did a good job and they should feel secure in their position. If you are not getting any feedback, chances are, your boss has a huge ego and he/she does not like complimenting people. Why not move on to where you’re appreciated more?

The Company is Sinking

Being loyal is one thing, but protecting yourself and your family’s future, is another. A sinking company will not only leave you unemployed but it also contributes to psychological factors. Often, unemployed people, who are not able to support their family, resort to drugs and alcohol. This is a dangerous cycle, which does not just end with just bad health but exceeds to abuse in the family.

You Feel like There is No Point in Doing This Job

Seems like such a small thing but this small factor has a huge psychological impact. Everybody wants to feel like they are doing something important and contributing to the greater good. As soon as this feeling goes away and you are unable to meet deadlines, it is time to search for another job.

Sometimes people stick to a job in hopes that maybe next week they will be the recipient of a promotion. Many companies believe that by giving extra goals to their employees every month, they can increase their productivity and dedication to work. If this is not the case in your office then it is high time you should have left your job.

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