Jun 01, 2017

With the easy access to the internet, most of us would rather self-diagnose our health problems and illnesses by typing symptoms in our go-to search engines than to schedule an appointment with the doctor.

Let’s just say the temptation for individuals to reach their own conclusion about their health-related problems has become quite strong.

It may have become stronger than ever but the truth of the matter is that self-diagnosing is still the worst idea ever.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why self-diagnosing is dangerous:

o   Wrong Conclusions

Self-diagnosing means that you’re assuming that you already know and are well-aware of the subtleties that a diagnosis primarily constitutes of. This can be utterly dangerous as most of the times, individuals can miss the nuances of diagnosis and end up making wrong conclusions.

For example, a person with mood swings may end up self-diagnosing their problem and conclude that they may be suffering from bipolar disorder. However, the underlying reason may be something else.

Mood swings can be a symptom of several types of clinical disorders and problems such as depression or PMS. Only a clinician can distinguish whether the mood swing is related to PMS or some kind of depressive illness.

o   Missing a Medical Disease

Self-diagnosing is definitely not a great idea because sometimes patients may miss the signs of a medical disease, and end up diagnosing their problem as a psychological syndrome. For example, an individual self-diagnoses their situation and concludes that they are suffering from panic disorder, missing the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism.

Furthermore, some brain tumors can also lead to changes in personality and even result in depression. Self-diagnosing a medical disease as a psychological syndrome and treating it with over the counter drugs can worsen the case and lead to more complications.

o   Undermines the Role of the Clinician

Self-diagnosing your problem can also undermine the role of the doctor which, by the way, is not a good way to start a patient and doctor relationship. It shows that you don’t trust your clinician.  The doctor may feel irritated and annoyed as they may feel that you doubt their skills and judgment.

 Researching  a medical condition over the web is a good way to educate yourself and get to know more about the condition but self-diagnosing is definitely not recommended, especially, if it leads to buying OTC drugs and treating the condition all by yourself.

Remember, taking the wrong medicine based on self-diagnosis and without a doctor’s prescription can worsen your medical condition and that is definitely something no one wants. Saving a few bucks on doctor visits by using the symptom checker for health conditions is not advisable as it can put your life in danger too. Therefore, it’s always good to schedule an appointment with a clinician and get yourself checked so that you receive the right medication, in a timely manner.

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