Jun 06, 2017

With every passing year, the world seems to develop new innovative trends in healthy eating which provide good taste plus a healthy diet altogether. With 2017 just unfolding, here are some trends in healthy eating that will be seen rising in the coming months.

Here are the healthiest food trends to follow in 2017:

1. Fermented Vegetables

Although the trend took rise in 2016, this year it is said to go big, where people opting for Kimchi, Sauerkraut and fermented veggies will see a boom. You may see an increase in fermented items on restaurant menus as people have become more health conscious while looking for a meal that can satisfy their taste buds.

2. Seaweed

The salad bowl may be looking at a more aquatic guest as seaweed is one of the healthiest and better tasting products out there. Seaweed, being high in nutrients, also goes very well with sushi. Packaged snacks containing seaweed are also available if you feel like munching on something in the middle of the night.

It also goes well if sprinkled over bowls of grain. Go healthy with Seaweed.

3. Veggie chips

Most of the world is only familiar with only one kind of veggie chip, the potato chip. This year, it will be time for other vegetables to shine in this category. Chips made from spinach, Brussels sprouts and beets might be making their debut on supermarket shelves.

Unlike the standardized potato chip which sometimes doesn’t even use real potatoes, these will be created from 100% original vegetables with a little bit of oil and salt sprinkled on top. Say hello to healthy snacking!

4. Alternative sugars

These days almost all consumer items have loads of sugar packed in them which is not healthy for the human body. 2017 will see a lot of companies using alternative sugars made from coconuts and dates to use in their items. These sugars will be less harmful and help reduce the increasing obesity and diabetes problem in most countries.

5. Bone Broth

Although Bone broth has been around for a long time, it seems as though the world has not really come to accept it as something you have every day. 2017 will be the year Bone Broth will reach its peak. A lot of coffee shops and grocery marts have jarred bone broth on their shelves.

Bone broth manufacturers claim that it is one of the most beneficial things that a person can have for their immune system. While supporting claims like its helping with stomach problems, it is also extremely healthy and makes a person feel full for longer.

With all the new trends springing up, people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle can do so now with ease as both, in the category of snacks and full meals, you can find something that can fit your health needs. Stay healthy and use these items in your diet plan everyday to stay trim and fit in 2017. 

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