Oct 26, 2017

For men who are always looking for new trends to follow, November presents a unique opportunity to embark on a journey of personal discovery. This trend, which also supports a noble cause, is to not shave facial hair during the month of November.

It is quite different from most trends that usually require taking care of the body or clothes. This trend which goes through November is all about keeping yourself away from the razor blade. Do it if you want to look cool and be the top face amongst  your friends. Here are a few important details about this exciting fall trend of No Shave November.

What is No Shave November?

No Shave November started out as a fun activity by two individuals. The idea quickly picked up as a strong way to raise awareness about the problems experienced by men. The activity is about not shaving facial hair all November.

The idea is all about shaving the facial hair on the 31st of October and then allowing them to grow freely over November. There are many organizations that even host special events and select the best looking individual with overgrowing facial hair.

There are many ways to celebrate the No Shave November, with the main rule is only to not shave during that month. . Some people believe that it is essential to start with a clean face, while others believe the idea is to let the facial hair grow during the month. You can take part in it in any way you like. People with beards are also encouraged to participate in the event.

A Beauty Pageant for Men

Beauty and looks are characteristics that are often associated with the female gender. No Shave November is an event that allows men to also express their beauty in a particular manner. It can be considered as the annual beauty pageant for men. The following of the trend allows men to let go of their prejudices regarding cleanliness and facial hair.

Websites such as Instagram are full of people who are following the trend and supporting the cause of raising awareness about cancer and other serious medical conditions. This beauty event is different from others, because it combines a social cause with an activity that all healthy men can engage in. People can follow this wonderful fall trend, in order to find their inner beauty; and learn more about patients, who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Trendy yet Sensitive

The trend of growing facial hair is excellent for men who want to remain trendy and always looking to hold their position as social leaders, while remaining sensitive to social problems. The growing of facial hair may make others  ask you questions about it, which is the main point of this trend. Let them know that you are supporting the cause of men who suffer from problems such as depression and prostate cancer. You need to learn about how cancer patients suffer from hair loss to understand the significance of growing your beard and mustache for them.

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