Aug 24, 2017

Who has felt that longing of getting their hands on the nicer things in life without the cost? We all arrive at this point in our life, where we are surrounded by all sorts of wonderful goods, at the same time being aware of the fact that we can’t afford them.

This article is going to provide you with some frugal and pocket-friendly fashion tips.

Knowing what your measurements are

When you can’t afford new clothing items, especially expensive brands straight off the rack, you should at least walk around in vintage or used clothing stores, keeping in mind your exact measurements. Notice small asymmetrical features, such as if one of your arms is longer or shorter. If you can’t notice these symmetrical things in the first place, go and get help from a trained tailor. Ask them to help you point out your body measurements.

Once you are sure of all your sizes, buying slightly used clothing will be a lot easier.

Understanding your styling needs and work image

Let us explain by stating that if you're working at a formal office, your company will have a certain dress code. You will have to make sure that you are keeping that code in mind when you enter a menswear collection. Keeping attire that makes your personality reflect your job is a great tip. For instance, if you're a banker, you would naturally be inclined towards traditional suits. An artist, however, will have to be wearing vibrant colors, so they can stand out and appear bolder in their art with colors.  

Color coordinating all your clothing

Color coordinating your clothes can be one of the most essential tips you can ever get when it comes to fashion and style. A well complementing outfit will catch more attention.

The first thing you would need to do for clothing coordination is to break down your wardrobe according to their color. Remember, even the most expensive clothes will look trashy on anyone if they don’t match. You should learn when it’s time to tone your outfit down, and when to lift it up.

Notice some of the following color combinations to get a rough idea on color synchronization.

  1. Black & Red
  2. Black & White
  3. Silver & Black
  4. Blue & Black
  5. Gold & Black
  6. Orange & Blue
  7. Purple & Black
  8. Green & Black

Make sure you are in touch with an alteration’s tailor

Whichever body type you might have, make sure you are in touch with a master tailor, who knows their way with tricky alterations. Alteration is often a common request. It goes in favor of all men using clothing on sale and other economical outlets. Hence, shortening a sleeve or altering the shoulder blade area of your shirt should be taken care of successfully.

So, what do you think? Use all the tips above to dress better and more fashionably than ever before.

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