Dec 05, 2017

“I can't eat and I can't sleep. I'm not doing well in terms of being a functional human, you know?”- Ned Vizzini

Did you ever wonder that the reason you are not eating or sleeping well, have a short fuse and are having difficulty in doing basic chores is because you might be falling into a heavy fog of depression? 

We recognize depression as a dark veil of hopelessness and sadness. However, depression is so much more than that. There comes a time when you feel like you no longer have the will to live and happiness does not belong to you.

At times like this, depression takes a more sinister role and traps us in its claws. If you think the above-mentioned systems are just a phase then you are fooling yourself. Following are five signs of depression that will help you identify whether you have fallen prey to this disease or not:

Sign #1

You Feel Nothing

This is one of the first signs of depression. Mostly people miss this because they feel they are just tired and hence nothing interests them. Often known as ‘zombie behavior’, the person simply looses the motivation to get up every morning. Conversations and activities that once brought them joy now seem a waste of time. This turns them aloof and cold and they become incapable of smiling or shedding a tear or two.

Sign #2

Unexplained Weight Gain and Loss

A coin has two sides, similarly depression contributes to weight in two ways. You either become so depressed that you skip meals or you start binge eating.

The less eating is caused by the person’s lack of getting up and cooking food, which leads to eating chips and pretzels. The overeating leads to weight gain, which makes a person feel ashamed about their weight.

Sign #3

Going Days without Combing Your Hair

Seems such a small thing, does it not? According to a survey, people suffering from depression have poor oral health and grooming routine. When you stop caring about your appearance, it is a sign your are going into depression. This usually happens when you feel that your family is not giving you enough attention or when you do not have a social circle.

Sign #4

Chronic Pain

There are some physical factors that also contribute to depression. According to a study, people with depression have intense back and neck pain. When a person loses the will to do any activity all day, they have a lot on their mind, which leads to headaches and churning out. 

Sign #5

Suicidal Thoughts

You have suddenly started watching movies that have a strong suicide factor in them. This is one of the deadliest signs of depression. It starts simple, where you think about how your family would function if you died or will anybody care or not.

The first attempt is usually a failed attempt because the person is trying to feel something. The second and the final attempt is triggered by any incident, which makes them feel useless.

If you are experiencing any one of these signs, you need to talk to your family or seek professional help. Often people are too humiliated to go to their family and therefore, refuse to share their problems. Depression is a very common disorder, which sneaks up on you when you least expect. 

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