Mar 09, 2017

Spring is in the air and it’s time to start a little cleaning. Traditionally spring cleaning is done with the thought of out with old and in with the new so don’t just let this philosophy stick to your home. If you’ve cleaned out your dusty attic, sorted your wardrobe and re-stocked your pantry, it’s time to spring clean your wallet. Spring cleaning your wallet doesn’t mean that you throw away all the junk you’ve collected in it, although it is a good idea to do that too.

When it comes to finance, having clean, neat financial goals that you can achieve is important towards building a healthy life, without worries. The following are some ways through which you can do just that:


When it comes to saving, it can be a bit tedious but it isn’t impossible. However, it can be seriously beneficial for you, if you choose to expedite the process and get it automated. Make an automatic, direct deposit in your account as soon as you are paid. Through this process, you can easily save money without having to think about it. While it is possible to automate payment of bills, be a little wary of this. Only automate, recurring important bills such as water, electricity and rent. These are fixed costs and with little variance in them, you won’t end up draining your account by surprise bills. Do monitor how much you are paying each month to avoid surprises when changes appear.

Clear off the Debt

Whether it’s a car loan, a mortgage, a student loan or a personal loan, you have to clear it off in order to enjoy a happier, stress free life. The main way through which this can be done is to avoid missing any monthly payments as well as work to make those repayments bigger in order to pay off the loan faster. Keep in mind that certain loans such as mortgages and car loans do have a fee for early repayment. If you’re not averse to paying it, then there shouldn’t be a problem and you’ll end up debt free much faster. 

Curbing Unnecessary Spending

It is extremely important to cut down on spending unnecessarily. This is one of the main reasons why you can end up finding that what you make is not enough. A wise person lives below their means in order to be able to one day live above them. Take a long term savings approach to this and budget yourself religiously. Learn to say no to yourself so that you can make better, wiser spending decisions that allow you to save as well. Cut out unwanted expenses and you will be closer to meeting your financial goals than you were a year or two ago.

When it comes to spring cleaning your finances, it is always best to have a firm hand. Once you spruce them up by paying attention to these, you’ll find yourself in much better, solid financial ground that will allow you to enjoy greater peace of mind.

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