Apr 07, 2017

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, just exercising and dieting won’t help you. To maintain your health, you need a combination of 4 different kinds of exercises which include endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Usually people end up focusing on one particular exercise whether it is helping them or not, because they think it’s good for their bodies. But focusing on just one type of exercise is never enough, which is why you need to mix up your work out routines with all 4 types of exercises. Changing your workout routines also helps you escape that boring and monotonous workout routine. Some exercises may repeat in each category, but here are the 4 types of exercises further explained.


 Endurance exercises are those types of exercises that increase your breathing and heart rate. This is great for your heart and lungs and has a great effect on your overall fitness. Endurance exercises can include activities such as dancing, brisk walking or jogging and aerobics. Even doing garden work or yard work is counted as endurance activities such as mowing, raking and digging. Swimming and biking are also common exercises that help build your endurance.


Strength training includes lifting weights and building your muscles. The more muscles you have in your body, the more it allows you to take part in such activities like carrying heavy items or climbing the stairs without losing your breath so quickly. Strength exercises are also known as strength training or resistance training. They can include things like lifting weights, using your own body weight or using a resistance band. Strength training is also great for weak bones


Balance exercises will help you focus and maintain your balance so that you don’t fall around too much. This happens because the lower body portion has no balance and requires more balance training. Some of these exercises are things like standing on one foot, walking on heel to toes, Tai Chi, yoga and calf and shoulder stretches. The aim of balance training is to make your body flexible and stretch it all out. Once your body becomes flexible and stretched out, it allows you take part in other daily activities. Balance training also improves your posture, breathing abilities, and circulation. If you are stressed, balance training will also help release your tension and stress.


Flexibility is very important for our bodies. When our bodies are stiff, it doesn’t allow us to do much of anything and therefore, it becomes very difficult to do sudden movements or certain activities that involve flexibility. Being flexible stretches out your muscles and makes you more active. Yoga is one of the best exercises that can help your body become more flexible. Another good way to improve your flexibility is by sitting in a chair and getting up without using your hands. 

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