May 29, 2017

Diabetes is something that none of us take seriously until we are diagnosed with it. The disease is something that is very hard to diagnose because it has no clear symptoms besides feeling thirsty. It doesn’t only take lives away, but also is one of the main reasons why many people today are going handicapped due to limb amputation and blindness.

There is a very serious need to create awareness about this serious epidemic as more and more people are getting affected by it each day. So what exactly can someone do to prevent themselves from developing diabetes?

Physical Activity

The problem today is that we have become too dependent on machines to do everything for us. Going down one block, we would take our car out. Nobody uses a bicycle anymore and stairs have turned into escalators.

Introduce a little physical activity in your life to keep yourself healthy and going. It regulates your Insulin level and keeps you trim. Take some time out for jogging in the evening, or walk back home from work and when visiting the nearest grocery store. You will feel better while preventing yourself from getting diabetes.

Replace Carbonated Sugary Drinks With Healthier Alternatives

One of the major causes of diabetes is the excess consumption of sugar based drinks. Replace them with healthier alternatives like fruit juices or the best alternative ever, water!

We tend to have these drinks with snacks that we eat, try to have water with whatever you eat. It may not  taste  the same but it is healthier, and you will feel much better, as carbonated drinks do not really quench your thirst. Actually, they make you keep drinking more.

Avoid consuming too many sugary drinks and see the change in your weight and your activeness throughout the day.

Try Good Fats Instead Of Bad

Yes, there is something known as  good fats, they are found in liquid vegetable oils, seeds and nuts and they actually help fight type 2 diabetes. Bad fats are mostly found in products that contain more salt such as margarine and in baked goods. You cannot eliminate everything that contains bad fats from your diet, but you can certainly try to tone it down.

Avoid Red Meat And Processed Meat

Try replacing your red meat with chicken or fish. Red meat is not just a diabetes instigator but is also bad for you as it can cause gout and blood pressure problems.


Well it’s clear that smoking is bad for you in every way you can imagine, but it is also a cause of type 2 diabetes. Heavy smokers are said to have a higher chance of getting diabetes and it destroys your lungs in the process. Yes it’s not easy to quit smoking, but you can try to limit your smoking habits. Set a specific limit for yourself or a specific place away from home where you smoke. Do not buy a pack for the night and try to not smoke till 12 in the afternoon.

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