Feb 17, 2017

Going to the gym is a massive daily struggle in and of itself.

Doing it in the chill of the winter, while wading through knee-deep snow, can never really be worth all the effort. Being snowed in, however, doesn’t mean that you can compromise on your daily workout, and thankfully, there are several ways you can keep up with your fitness regimen without setting foot outside home.

This is your ultimate guide to home workouts in case you’re snowed in.

What you need

Working out at home can never be a permanent alternative to the gym. Sure, it can produce results but not all the results you would like. Since you don’t have the option of going to the gym when you’re snowed in, it’s better not to think about what to achieve. Instead, let’s focus on what you would need for a workout at home to maintain the fitness.

One of the advantages of going to the gym is that you have any and every piece of equipment available for any and every exercise you may want to do. At home, however, you are much more limited in the number of resources available. And you don’t want to spend a fortune on building a personal gym in your living room.

For the kind of home workout routine we suggest, you don’t necessarily need any kind of specialized equipment. But it would help if you have a treadmill and a pair of dumbbells. That’s all you need.

Key exercises

There’s a whole range of exercises you can perform in your living room. So there’s a lot of choice. Which one should you choose, then? A wise choice would be to perform the exercise that targets most of your muscle groups.

If you want to target separate areas of your body like leg, belly, or chest, then you can find specific exercises for those as well. Here, we present a brief overview of some of the best exercises that can produce the biggest results for you. These are:


This is, hands down, the best exercise you can do at home. Even at the gym, you can never underestimate the power of a few sets of pushups. The reason why it is so effective is that it targets different muscle groups in your body and helps when it comes to improving strength and muscle growth.

While everyone knows how to do a basic pushup, there are some things about the body posture you need to keep in mind. Your hands must be shoulder-width apart. Your back should not be curved, but flat. Maintaining the correct body posture is the key to getting the most out of a pushup.


It’s impressive how just sitting and standing repeatedly can turn out to be a high-intensity workout maneuver, but there’s much more to squats than just sitting and standing. You need to keep your back straight, head up, and chest out.

If you want to raise the bar, you can do squats with a dumbbell in each hand.

Lateral raise

The best way to build muscle while fighting gravity is through a lateral raise. This is when you stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand and then slowly raise the hands to shoulder height without bending your elbows in any way.

Lateral raises are perfect for developing your shoulder muscles. This helps you get the ideal V-shaped body you always wanted.

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