Mar 03, 2017

Russia has been in the news more often in recent months, part of it was because of the hyperbole that was being spread about the new administration being in bed with the Russians. While those claims have been reduced by the Trump Administration as nothing but hot air, the recent news of a Russian submarine being spotted off the East Coast of the US has made headlines, and has put Russia in the news once again.

According to local news channels, a Russian spy ship allegedly named ‘AGI’ has been spotted mysteriously patrolling the east coast of the US. The ship reportedly made a port call in Cuba, and since then, has been slowly making its way up to the east coast. Currently, the spy ship has been spotted off the coast of Delaware, and well in international waters. The ship is expected to continue on its path to New London, Conn., then turn around and head back to Cuba.

While the presence of foreign aircrafts, ships and submarines within US territory is nothing new, this incident has certainly caught the attention of lawmakers in Washington. Back in 2015, a Russian spy ship was found in a location where the transatlantic cables are laid. That being said, the presence of a Russian ship near the US is just part of various provocations by the Russians, which seems to have escalated as of late, which is possibly to test the new Trump Administration.

Only a few days ago, another similar incident took place in international waters when a Russian patrol plant made a low pass extremely close to the USS Porter, which was followed by two Russian jets, who also reportedly got too close to comfort. According to the US officials on the USS Porter, the fly-bys were “unsafe and unprofessional.” 

While the recently spotted Russian spy ship does not pose any immediate threat to the residents who live nearby, the recent provocations by the Russians is beginning to develop a pattern, and one which the US government will have to address more sternly in the coming days. While the alarms haven’t gone off, having a Russian spy ship coming in such close proximity to the US coast is concerning to many in Washington and in the Armed Services Committee. What’s even more concerning is that its peculiar route would take it past several of the major US Naval installations in the region. On the bright side, there are doubts of the ship picking up any sensitive information. Recently, the US has accused Russia of violating a major arms control treaty it made with the US by secretly deploying cruise missiles that are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

In the meantime, the Pentagon is keeping a close eye on the Russian spy ship, which is all it can do at the moment since the vessel has not crossed into US waters yet, neither has it violated any international laws. What’s even more incredible is the fact that the US does not have a spy ship like it and relies mainly on satellites, depicted so well in Hollywood movies, and planes when it comes to surveillance.

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