Jun 13, 2017

In the world of real estate, whether you're a home owner, a house buyer or a seller—you must  know the top 6 real estate hacks everyone seeks benefits from.

The hacks have been derived from the thousands of real estate ventures that experts have tried and tested. All of them are timeless and stand for every real estate dealer universally. Here are the six real estate hacks you simply cannot refuse to acknowledge:

1.    Appoint the Absolute Best

Whether you are selling a home or buying it, always make sure you are hiring the best estate agent listed in your local area. All hail to the internet, you can now easily locate all of the best agents that exist in your state with a click.

As people who want to sell/buy houses require a quick process, this is only possible if they hire someone who knows what to do and how to execute the final cuts.

2.    Get Multiple Bids At Once

When you have the big task of replacing the roof over your head, you simply cannot afford to be lazy.  Remember this one hack: Always use three or more bids, on every sort of deal you make. It doesn’t matter if you are having your AC repaired or your house shifted. It’s significant to take three quotes from three different bidders.

You can count this hack as the ultimate hack of all hacks. Not only will you have three different answers, but you will also have a fair idea about what exact position your potential assets stand on.

3.    Don’t Refuse an Offer Too Quickly

It often happens that as soon as you place a property on the market, you get your first offer. Most people here tend to become greedy and think, “Wow, this is a large amount! Means I can definitely get a better deal than this”. Wrong! You are making a huge mistake here.

More often than not, the first offering is from the person who was most excited when they saw your property for sale. Maybe they were looking for just the specifics you offered. If you refuse them and let them off the hook, there are high chances that you might never get a deal as good as this.

The hack here is: Don’t refuse an offer too quickly. Take time to reflect, and then accept or reject. With some negotiation, this will probably be the best deal you can make.

4.    Buyers and Sellers Lie—Verify Everything

This is true, as far as most of the real estate ventures are concerned. Don’t always close the deal on a buyer’s word. For all you know, they might be lying about their loan. On the other hand, if any seller says, “There has never been anything wrong with this property since day one”, hire an inspector at once to test every single fixation.  The hack here is: Consider every single thing the buyer/seller told you as a lie.

So yes, you will always need to:

  1. Verify.
  2. Verify.
  3.  And verify again.

5.    Buy Right, or Don’t Buy At All

This is a pretty obvious hack to get the best real estate experience. When investing in big ventures, it’s best to make the right deal, instead of making an average and mildly acceptable deal.  When you, yourself aren’t satisfied with a deal, or don’t feel right about it, stop before you make a mistake which will leave you in a mess later on with a property you don’t love.

6.    Buy Less than What You Can Afford  

When you buy for less than what was on your budget, you're doing yourself a huge favor. When you buy a new property, or sell an existing property to buy another one, you are opening up to a whole new flood gate of expenses. The house will demand fixes you never knew you were going to need in the first place. 

So, if you're on a tight budget, you can’t take care of this responsibility if you’ve spent it all. But if you were smart in the first place—you can turn out as a winner until the very end

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