Jun 21, 2018

In today's economy it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with everyday living, and even more difficult to put money into savings. Fortunately, with these five small life changes you can start saving money today.

1. Shut off your cable.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to quit paying for cable. With so many internet streaming services competing for business nowadays cable and satellite have nearly become obsolete. There's no need to add cable to your internet bundle because you can choose exactly what you want to watch and how you want to watch it.

2. Always shop with a plan.

While walking through a store it's easy to get caught up in the sale bins; it's hard to resist the 10 for $10 sales at grocery stores or an extra 25% sign on the clearance rack in a clothing store. Unfortunately, all those small impulse purchases can add up to quite a bit. The best way to avoid these money traps is to go to make a list before you leave the house. This helps you stay focused on the mission of getting what you need and getting out of the store without spending money on something you don't need.

3. Stop buying new.

Everything you buy loses value as soon as you walk out the door. Between a plethora of second hand shops, Craigslist, and yard sales it's easy to find exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost and often in excellent condition.

4. Make a meal plan.

On busy nights it's easy to forgo cooking for the convenience of fast food, unfortunately, that's a surefire way to put a dent in the bank account. One way to prevent that needless waste is to make a weekly plan and stick to it. Create a grocery list based off simple meals you'll want to make and when dinner time rolls around you'll already have everything ready and be able to put the money you would have spent on fast food into your savings.

5. Reset your thermostat.

Maintaining an air conditioner at 75 degrees in the summer and 65 in the winter will lower your cooling and heating bills without leaving you too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. For even more savings turn it off completely when you're not home, and in the summers open your windows on nicer days.

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