Dec 19, 2016

Do you really think that only people who have babies use wet wipes? Well, guess what? Baby wipes are not only used by mothers. In fact, they are used even by men and women who aren’t parents at all. Wondering why? Let’s figure it out.

Reasons why everyone must keep and use wet wipes

Here are the top five reasons or places where you should use wet wipes—all the time.

1.      Unforeseen spilling and sudden mishaps

More often than not, disasters come without prior announcements. Make sure you are traveling with small packs of wet wipes at all times. These will help if you end up in an embarrassing situation by spilling eatables or beverages on your clothes or the floor.

Work stations and work suits also get ruined soon as you spill any liquid on them. To avoid the consequences, be prepared all the time by arming yourself with sanitary wipes.  

2.      Quick Makeup fixing and removing

Ever tried removing makeup with anything other than liquid makeup removers and cotton balls? If not, try a fresh pack of baby wipes. Similar to makeup removing wipes, their soothing scent will instantly refresh you after whatever you have been through all day. Instead of searching for cotton pads and makeup removing solutions for removing eye makeup and primers, removing makeup can become just as quick and easy as you allow it to be—only by a keeping wet wipes’ pack in your handbag.  

3.      Fitting it on your floor sweeper

Don’t have time to mop or vacuum the floor but need to clear the dust? Many homeowners are using wet wipes for this purpose and so can you. You will be surprised to see the result when you attach wet wipes to the bottom of your floor sweeper. Wet wipes also allow the floor to dry faster as compared to wet cleaning clothes. They are ideal if your kid has just tracked muddy shoeprints all over the tiled floor too.

4.      Cleaning indoor plants

Sometimes, cleaning your indoor plants with just water becomes tough, especially if the grime refuses to clear away. Simple cleaning with plant sprays also leaves dirt marks behind, which makes your green plants look shabby. If you grab a baby wipe and run it swiftly down the plant’s leaves, your cleaning will become so much easier. Since baby wipes are kid-friendly and ideal for sensitive skin, they will not harm your plants either.  

5.      Cleaning your dear pets

Another reason to buy wet wipes is for cleaning the furry friends in your home. They love messing around and they need a reason to spill things on the carpet and themselves. Why not run down a wet wipe on their bodies if they’ve just been in a spill, to see them wiggle their tails happily again?

With these reasons for using baby wipes instead of tissues, always remember to add “baby wipes” to your monthly shopping list to make the most of them.

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