Aug 23, 2017

We all do our fair share of recycling, however, going green is not only about using the right bins for our garbage disposal. It is sad how much of our bad habits are polluting the environment day by day. In fact, instead of reducing our carbon footprint, we have been contributing to factors that are not only emptying our pockets but are affecting our health too.

From living conditions to food and everything in-between, we should think about going green. If you watch the news or Planet Green, then you must have an idea of the benefits that are involved with taking up this practice. Have you ever wondered how people living in rural areas have an edge over us? It is because they have a way of utilizing everything available at their disposal whereas, we tend to opt for the short way out.

Therefore, it is time to go green and do something for yourself and the environment. The following are five reasons why going green is the right choice:

1.    Low Electricity Bills

This is the crux of all our problems: your electricity bill! You can lower your electricity use by 15% with just two simple changes. First, instead of using tube lights, which are purely dependent on electricity, use fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Second, replace your door and window fixtures with energy-saving ones. These fixtures will keep your house cool and bright in the mornings. You can even go for solar panels to reduce your electricity bills completely.

2.    Reduces Carbon Emission

Having our own mode of transportation is good and all but, it is one of the biggest factors that contribute to carbon footprint. Going for green modes of transportation not only reduces your carbon footprint but also helps you save money

3.    Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Having organic food and beverages is a great way of going green. Organic food is tastier, fresher and free of all kinds of fertilizers and growth hormones. When you buy organic food, there is no hassle of packaging, it stays fresh for a long time and it provides you with many health benefits.

4.    Low Water Bill

Even if you save money on water by closing taps while brushing or using only one bucket of water for a bath, there is still one thing you are missing: The toilet. Old toilets, such as the ones built in 1982, use seven gallons of water while flushing. If you have the new energy efficient toilets installed in your bathroom, then with every flush, around one gallon of water is used.

5.    Beauty Benefits

Organic beauty products are much better than chemical products that are tested on animals. By going for organic products, not only are you protecting your skin, you are also raising voice against abusing animal rights. Green product such as those made with plant and flower extracts have anti-aging properties that will keep your skin young, well into your age.

Going green makes you perceive your surrounding in a new light. It is about embracing a lifestyle that will help you live longer. The process is much more complex than it sounds but by taking one step a time, you can make more changes in your life. So, shed your old habits and adopt green ones to make life easier.

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