Oct 05, 2017

When it comes to car shoppers, it’s not always about the good design and the comfortable drive. There are a lot of other factors that people look into before investing. Although comfort and look does matter, but if a consumer wants to buy a car, they will create the best value after factoring in things such as mileage, resale value and availability of spare parts.

The car market is full of new models but choosing the right one that will be beneficial for the user in the long run can be a difficult task. So here are the 5 consumer reports’ best value cars:

1. Honda Fit

Honda Fit is one of the best choices for someone who is buying a car for the first time. It’s good with fuel, going a good 33 miles per gallon. Plus the good design and extraordinary handling of the car makes the driver feel like they are driving a prime SUV.

The price is just under $20,000 and the car comes equipped with a rear view camera, plus the seats can be stowed to make room for extra cargo. Perfect car for road trips.

2. Toyota Camry

Okay, so Camry may feel like something that is too generic, but generic things are generic because they last long and everyone loves them. Camry offers good interior space, great visibility for drivers and good controls with everything accessible to the driver.

It has great mileage, but even greater if you go for the hybrid version. The car has extremely impressive crash test results, making it a near perfect sedan in an affordable price.

3. Subaru Forrester

Moving into the SUV category, Subaru has taken over the globe with their affordable and reliable cars. They give a lot for less. The interior provides sufficient room; the handling is beautiful even in rough terrain (but not too rough) and has an overall comfortable ride.

The car is one of the leaders when it comes to fuel economy. Strong results from crash test make it a safe and fun car to drive.

4. Mazda MX-5 Miata

For people who are into the sports look, the Miata is the car that can offer you the best value. The car provides a beautiful drive where the driver is in control with the stick shift and an engine that revs like a song and gives a mileage of about 34mpg.

Miata may not be the best for long commutes and excess cargo, but is the perfect car for cruising down the boulevard.

5. Ford F-150

Coming to the league of the big boys, Ford F-150 offers best value in a pickup truck. The truck is fast, strong and fuel-efficient. Its 2.6 liter turbo V6 packs quite a punch, surprising some of the greatest truck enthusiasts.

Ford F-150 is a good choice when it comes to value and is a strong contender considering heavy duty affordable cars. 

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